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Luca + Danni: A Handcrafted Jewelry Store in the USA!

Luca + Danni: A Handcrafted Jewelry Store in the USA!

Luca and Danni is the best place to buy fine modern jewelry to give you an aesthetic look even in a casual look. The divine detail of their handmade jewelry piece is enough to allure the attention of customers. It makes a thoughtful religious gift or a personal declaration of faith. 

All the jewelry of Luca and Danni is handmade using brass and artisan metals. They are easy to hook and catch closure. At Luca and Danni, you will find regular and petite sizing options and various shapes that ensure proper fit. They also offer attractive gift boxes and include an essence card.

Luca and Danni local artisans take deep pride in their handcrafted jewelry made with love in Rhode.

✩ handcrafted in the USA

Luca and Danni introduced a reward program for their loyal customers. This amazing opportunity allows customers to earn crystal points. You can start earning Crystal Points simply by registering to their programs! The program is free to join, and creating a store account is simple!

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handcrafted jewelry
handcrafted jewelry
To outline the love and affection for baguette crystals, Luca and Danni took their super-popular Mini Hudson bracelet design and underscored it with a matching colorful backdrop.
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The German Glass Collection of Luca and Danni is selling out fast! Handcrafted with authentic german glass, the unique pieces are glazed with an aurora borealis color to mirror the essence of the beach.

The limited-edition Sand Dollar Bracelet is also very popular among Luca and Danni customers. It is crafted completely by hand, featuring a stunning centerpiece of topaz-colored German Glass finish.

Luca and Danni also offer personalization. You can customize your bracelet, pendant, and other accessories to give them the essence of your choice.

Their customizable letter beaded bangle lets you spell out your style for your own statement bracelet. Whether it’s your name, power phrase, initials, monogram, or personal mantra, choose 3-6 letters to define your vibe, and they will tie it all together in the signature hand-wrapped technique.

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