Magnart is a recyclable magnetic display system, allowing you to hang art and photographs on any wall. These easy-to-use magnetic are very useful in homes and art galleries around the globe!

Magnart is an innovative magnetic holder display system that excludes the need for nails, pins, tape, or blu-tac. These magnets are perfect for exhibiting photos, artwork, lists, invoices, posters, textiles, and maps; enabling wall-mounting exhibits of lightweight textile, photographic, and paper images without art damage.

“Don’t hang it, pin it, or stick it, Magnart it”!


The Magnetic Display System has been used in many art galleries. In New Zealand as well as Cuba in a Festival dedicated to Charlie Chaplin!

Great with any illustration size, Magnart can securely hang the painting on gallery walls without leaving a mark! The Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) conducted the Charles Chaplin Festival, devoted to remembering the work by the British actor.

Magnart’s magnetic hanger display system was used in an exhibition of posters held in honor of the English comedian. It is perfect for exhibitions as it is small, multipurpose, and allows artists to securely mount artwork without damage.

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Magnart has a wide range of products like Adhesive Tabs, Bulk Packs, Exclusive Artwork, Magnart Packs, Pin-Up Magnets, and Reusable Caps. All these products help you hold the image to the wall surface without creates permanent damage to the wall or the artwork.


The bulk pack of Magnart’s magnet helps you get more value for money. Strong, appealing, and protective of delicate documents Magnart’s display system pack is an excellent choice. Its complete magnet display packs let you install lightweight textile, photographic, and paper images without leaving any mark on the wall.