Pshaytopnotch Chair is an online store of hair extension and eye extension. This Shopify brand is introduced by Pshay, she is from Detroit, Michigan. Now, she resides in Minnesota. Pshay is a devoted mother of one as well as currently employed full-time to pursue her dream.

Pshay has good knowledge of hair extensions and one day she decided to use that knowledge that was instilled in her. Though it was not easy for her to start something that she aimed for, but with her dedication and hard work, she pushed past her anxiety and began working on the aspirations she craved for.

online store for eye lashes
Luxurious Mink Lashes

Pshay desired to become a part of the fashion and beauty industry, she wanted to provide the latest fashion and beauty trends. Here is when PshaytopnotchCollection came into existence.

Assisting people to find their individual style and enjoy their own uniqueness that makes them who they are. PshaytopnotchCollection desires to reveal that everyone is different and important.

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“PshayTopNotchCollection is that brand that allows YOU to live in your own individuality with no LIMITS”.

Pshaytopnotch hair
Brazilian Afro Kinky Bundle Deals

Currently, Pshaytopnotch Chair is working on PshayTopNotchHair. They are dedicated to providing the most excellent quality hair extensions that will complement your look and make shine like the beauty you are.

“Growing up, I didn’t follow trends. I created my own style which allowed me to stand out”. ​

hair extension
hair extension

Pshaytopnotchhair’s versatile U-Part wig work with your natural hair! It is designed as a halfway wig. It allows the natural hair parts to be used to cover the steps. With the help of this piece, you can change your look in no time!

Pshaytopnotchhair put their best efforts to engage with their customers. They use a loyalty reward program to give perks to their customers whenever they shop. When customers purchase with Pshaytopnotchhair, they get 1 reward point for making a purchase per $1 spent. Just like this, they have created various activities to give loyalty points to their customers. With AiTrillion, it is very easy to use a loyalty reward program to attract, engage, and retain customers.