Soul Slings is India’s biggest ergonomic baby carrier brand! It offers comfortable, safety-tested, and stylish products. Soul Slings’ baby carrier is the perfect parenting tool to help carry your baby close to your heart with utmost care.

“Your little one will love being out and exploring in nature with you, while your baby carrier will keep them close, safe, and socially distanced”.❤️

The soul is a Bangalore-based, women-led organization. They make premium ergonomic buckle baby carriers and ring slings that are soft, comfortable, internationally safety-tested, and fashionable, best for newborns and toddlers. To keep your baby close, safe, and secure, it’s a must to have hands-free buckle baby carriers.

baby carriers

Soul Slings also have a broad range of accessories that are popular among their customers, like reusable cloth bags, baby shoes, and soft toys, all made by upcycling favorite Soul fabrics. Every Soul Slings product is handmade with love using only 100% pure, and baby-safe natural fabrics of cotton and linen.

Soft cotton fabric toy

Chinmayie, the founder of Soulslings, was born and raised in a small town near Mangalore, India, called Puttur. She moved to Bangalore and married Ravindra. She conceptualized the idea of Soul after the birth of her daughter in 2009. After prolonged research, she decided that a ring sling was the ideal choice for Indians’ lifestyle and the Indian climate.

People started loving the sling and they slowly started adding more people to their team and set up a small studio space with a few local seamstresses.

“We have grown together, one mom, one family at a time and this has helped us build a strong foundation of trust and a beautiful relationship with our customers”. Chinmayie

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