T-BOO is a Brand (Hair and Lashes). T-Boo has its own manufacturing company that provides all of our hair & lashes. It was created to bring comfort in selecting high-quality hair & 3D mink lashes without the hassle of wondering for the good quality. 

Lash Out Loud! T-Boo 3D Mink Lashes are fluffy reusable & it has a dramatic 3D effect! Like the look they say pale in your face, 5D lashes 25mm is sure out to stand with its dramatic natural fluffy look. It brightens the eyes making them sexier. 

Leave late in lovely lingerie! T-BOO also offers Beauty Cosmetics and Make-up Tools. Your One-Stop Poppin Shop!

AiTrillion is happy to be associated with T- Boo. AiTrillion looks forward to automatically segment customers based on their buying preferences, Onsite behavior and a lot more so you can target the right customers.