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Customer Engagement & Retention

From Store Visitor To Customer And Making Them Loyal Repeat Buyer

Engage customer on every touchpoint of their sales cycle with Automation

Engage New Visitors

Analyze and engage customer behavior at every stage of the conversion process and tweak your client engagement approach.

  • Leverage announcement bars to introduce a deal, product, or offers.
  • Trigger smart popups to turn visitors into subscribers.
  • Onboard new users with web push notifications that gets clicked.
  • Encourage loyalty signups and reward customers with welcome points.

Subscribers To Customer

After seamless onboarding, connect all your marketing automation tools to stay on top of the minds of your subscribers.

  • Send a standout welcome email series that engages with your customers.
  • Distribute loyalty points for activities such as newsletter signups.
  • Build the perfect journey for your customer covering every touchpoint.
  • Generate sales via product recommendation popups to make a purchase.

Save Abandoned Cart

Prevent timely customer drop-offs and cart abandonments to save and claim those last dollars.

  • Timely trigger automated Email and SMS reminders for the abandoned cart recovery.
  • Compel visitors to purchase more with a sales motivator bar.
  • Recover abandoned carts via relevant web push.
  • Boost your store sales with upsell/cross sell product recommendation popups.

Make Loyal Customer

Enrol your one-off shoppers into your loyalty batch so they receive unique incentives to return and repeat purchases.

  • Collect and highlight product reviews to boost brand trust.
  • Automate reviews collection at the right time via email.
  • Re-engage with existing customer to redeem points through popup.
  • Reward your customers for their loyalty on every purchase.
  • Send campaigns for referrals to turn visitor to loyal customers.

Customer Retention

Create seamless journeys that thrill your clients using retention marketing modules that work together.

  • Re-engage with the subscribers, collect feedback, and promote special offers all in one popup.
  • Boost repeated purchases via automated come-back campaigns.
  • Distribute loyalty bonus points to improve retention and prevent churn.
  • Target offers & re-connect with your onsite consumers through SMS.

Build Members & Affiliates

Enhance sales and make significant online revenue by turning your members become affiliates.

  • Turn referred shoppers into repeat customers with additional perks and referral offers.
  • Empower your affiliates with cashback, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Give affiliates commissions for each sale made.
  • Avail additional benefits like exclusive discounts either as fixed amounts or percentage-based.

Brands Using AiTrillion to Boost Engagement & Sales

Craft Central Company, founded in 2019, is a unique brand that offers a collection of Disney, Harry Potter, and Universal Studios attraction posters and fragrances. The brand is committed to creating high-quality products that capture the essence of memorable moments in Disney and Universal Studios.

Craft Central Company

The grocery specialist in Melbourne used E-Mail automation, product recommendations, announcement bar, and a loyalty program to increase conversions by 30%, build retention, and drive repeat purchases by 10%.

Premium co

RawFedK9 is the result of years of dedication to the well-being of pets and was started with the dream of being able to provide all pet owners an easy, convenient, and more affordable way to feed their pets a prey model raw diet with quality ingredients.


Parts4cabinets is a Florida based family owned and operated business specialized in cabinetry hardware and wood supplies. Their main focus is in the kitchen, closet, and bathroom cabinet hardware as well as wood and other products related to the manufacture and assembling of such items.


The retail brand employed a reward program, product reviews, add-to-cart popups, and smart announcement bars to increase conversions, enhance the consumer experience, and establish long-term customer loyalty.

Aakash Namkeen

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“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

null Watch review video

“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

null Watch review video

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