What’s the first thing that we see while making a purchase? The answer is as simple as “Product Reviews”. So every business knows the importance of reviews to improve conversions and sales in the process. In the world of online review platforms, it is important to associate your Shopify store with a platform that helps in getting genuine reviews to build trust.

“92% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after reading a positive online review”

There are a plethora of Yotpo alternatives out there in the market to help you achieve more at a lower rate. AiTrillion is one of those alternatives that will not only help you with reviews but also engage customers and drive more sales. We have come up with a complete solution that can meet emerging market demands.

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We came with the power of 11+ customer engagement touchpoints for your eCommerce business in one single platform and yep—-with AiTrillion neither do you have to pay for multiple apps nor do your data have to hop skip and jump from one app to the other.

Not to forget, with AiTrillion you can increase your ROI and boost customer engagement.

AiTrillion stands on pillars of integration, automation, and powerful analytics

Key Features

Integration –

AiTrillion believes in leaving no stone unturned. With AiTrillion, start building trust by collecting reviews in the form of emails, push notifications, and smart popups thus giving you a fair chance of engaging with your customers through various touchpoints. To allure customers, you can also give loyalty points in exchange for reviews.

Collect reviews smartly –

The medium for collecting reviews is very important. Collect site and product reviews, ratings by sending timely triggered emails, web push notifications, review forms, and smart popups. AI-powered solutions of AiTrillion make it easier for Shopify sellers to turn customer reviews into sales by automatically sharing best reviews on social media.

Question and Answer –

“Interaction is the key”. Make it easy for your customers to get the details and ask questions about the product they are interested in. let them know the reliable and clear answers from past shoppers or anyone from the team. This decreases doubts and builds trust between stores and customers.

Showcase reviews –

Display customer feedback across your site. Create review pages, beautiful display widgets with customizable review widget options. AiTrillion offers a gallery carousel, gallery slider, tailor-made widgets, buttons, and google rich snippets to maximize conversions. With the help of shortcodes, you can display your star ratings and product reviews on any page of your website.


Community edition plan –

AiTrillion offers a free plan of limited features for all the new installations.

Starter plan –

This pricing plan allows you to use AiTrillion up to 300 customers in just $19 per month. It includes all the available features in AiTrillion. In this plan, you can send unlimited emails to your customers.

Growth plan –

The growth plan is for the store to have 5000 or fewer customers. This plan also allows you to send 15X emails with other features for $49 per month.

Professional plan –

Use AiTrillion to the fullest with a professional plan for $99 per month.

Enterprise plan –

For stores with more than 10,000 customers, you can contact us to meet your specific requirements. Our support is entirely free and easy to connect in case of queries.

What is Yotpo

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform, an expert in handling customer reviews, user-generated photos, and videos, loyalty, and referral programs. But would you not like to choose something that has more potential to grow your business and also available at 3X cheaper price than Yotpo.

Yopto has a hiding pricing structure. On their website, they have just mentioned the free plan and the premium plan. Isn’t that unfair for the sellers who want to first decide their budget before finalizing the app. Unclear pricing can be hard to digest sometimes.

AiTrillion review

AiTrillion on the other hand is crystal clear about the pricing structure. We are the first choice of SMEs. We give Shopify sellers the freedom and opportunity to use all the 11+ powerful tools at just a starting plan of $19 per month.

To get hands-on experience with AiTrillion, we also have a free plan with limited features available for new sellers. At AiTrillion, with a complete setup, 24*7 support service, we also give expert advice to grow your Shopify store at absolutely no additional cost.

AiTrillion product reviews give you the option of asking for reviews with text and product images+ unlimited review requests+ automatically import reviews+ review carousel + Q&A + easily share your reviews on social media+ review reminder emails+ fancy review widgets+ SEO rich snippets and many more.

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Quick reference feature comparison table

Features AiTrillion Yotpo
Integration Email marketing Y N
Smart popup Y N
Loyalty program  Y N
Review Features Product reviews Y Y
Site reviews Y Y
Question & Answer Y Y
In email review form Y Y
Import product reviews Y Y
Automatic email review requests & reminders Y Y
Offer loyalty points on verified reviews Y N
Schedule review emails Y Y
Review page Y Y
Reviews button Y Y
Reviews carousel Y Y
Rich snippet  Y Y
Advanced dashboard Y Y
Advance Review popup  Y N
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