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Partner Programs are in trend, many SaaS startups are using this technique to build relationships with other companies of their industries. This is the best way to spread wings in the same industry and share mutual synergies to create an eCommerce community that benefits Shopify sellers. 

The partnership relationships look like strategic alliances, channel partnerships, or some other formalized partner program. 

A mutually beneficial partnership program, whether big or small, can be a vital part of your eCommerce marketing efforts and have the potential to add value to both your company and your partners. To create profitable partnerships that are not only thriving but also sustainable, companies need to strategize, manage and maintain these relationships effectively. 

So, what a SaaS partner program actually is?

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What is a partner program?

A Partner Program is a business strategy used to encourage partners to recommend or sell the vendor’s services and products. There are various multiple business model types, such as value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), cloud computing specialists, systems integrators (SIs), and others.

Many eCommerce market leaders have partner programs, including Shopify, Amazon, Razorpay, and many others. Now startups also started using operate such programs, as channel partners give them more feet on the street. 

For building a partner ecosystem, it is a must to have partnership professionals who have experienced in building alliances between organizations – and all of the meetings, strategy, and preparation it takes to align sales and product organizations at two fast-growing tech companies. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of a partner program and how the AiTrillion partner program can help you earn passive income. 

There are different types of partner programs, depending on the business model you can use a partner program. You’ll need to decide which one is right for you and expand accordingly. 

Typically Partner Program Include: 

Referral Programs 

A referral program is the most exciting program, in this existing customers make referrals to people in their network. In exchange, both parties will get a reward when the new customer joins. Most of the big brands are using referral programs to entice new customers. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, or ReadyTalk offer you a little something for shouting them out. 

Affiliate Programs

Today most of the eCommerce brands switched to Affiliate programs. It is an online selling strategy that lets Shopify store owners increase sales by allowing Affiliates to promote their products and services to the target audience. In this process, “Affiliate” earns a commission by recommending the product to others. Additionally, it makes it easy for affiliates to earn money on product sales without buying for their own.

In Affiliate Program, influencers or Affiliate share unique links are tracked with cookies and strategically placed in content that targets audiences in the consideration phase of the buying journey. eCommerce affiliate marketing usually receive some kind of compensation for their work. 

In simple words, in Affiliate marketing, Affiliates promote a product or service by sharing it on their blog, social media platforms, or website. When a shopper buys the product through the unique link associated with their recommendation, the affiliate earns a commission.

AiTrillion, for instance, has a simple yet effective affiliate program that allows partners to receive a commission by offering AiTrillion’s features to eCommerce sellers. 

With AiTrillion, Shopify sellers can run comprehensive affiliate programs to promote products and services in a variety of ways and detailed stats reports to track overall commissions. 

Reseller Programs

In a reseller program, a partner acts as an intermediary between companies and end customers, which may be businesses or consumers. The main role of the reseller has been ordering fulfillment: The customer goes to a reseller to simplify the ordering process and offload acquisition tasks. As a SaaS company, you’ll need to educate your partners about how to create a new revenue stream that is supported by your app—the margin on reselling alone likely isn’t worth it for them. 

For example, AiTrillion’s Managed partner program offers beefier discounts to partners as they grow, letting them set their own pricing and pocket the difference. AiTrillion’s reseller program offers deeper discounts on pricing as more sales are made, creating an incentive to go big.

How do you decide which types of partner programs are right for you?

It depends on your business model that what kind of Partner Program you should opt-in. 

To keep things simple, choose a partner program that offers win-win opportunities for both companies and partners. Also don’t forget to consider complexity, annual contract value (ACV), and internal ownership. Keep in mind these are approximations, not absolutes. 

To make these distinctions more clear, ask yourself, “who owns the selling and customer success functions, you or your partner?” The heavier a partner’s responsibilities, the more complex your program will need to be to support and reward them. 

Why build a partner program for my SaaS business?

According to the study, partner programs account for 23% of total SaaS revenues and help retain customers 37% higher than as compared to other marketing campaigns. That’s huge! Many SaaS companies already know about the potential partner program.

Aside from the tantalizing business-related results just mentioned, though, an effectively designed partner program offers other significant benefits:

  • Expanded Reach

Partners let you build a connection with other partners and help you widen your range in the market. They often have formed personal relationships with a degree of trust with customers and that’s why it becomes easy for them to introduce you to new customers.

  • Efficacious Scaling

Once you properly established the Partner Program and started engaging customers, you can scale your program effectively. This will help you bring more new right partners to your program and generates recurring revenue.

  • Reduced Cost

Your partners work as an outsourced sales and marketing team. They’re paid on a performance basis, which means you only need to pay them when they bring new customers to your store.

  • High Trial Conversion Rate

Partners generally have a higher Trial Conversion Rate. If you are seeing a lot of trailers drop off, the Partner Program can make a big difference on your bottom line.

  • New Market Entry

A partner program is a great way to expand into new markets. Working with experienced partners in existing markets helps you reduced expenses as you don’t need new offices or teams.

  • Increased Product Focus

Partner Program decreases the need to hire more people around marketing, sales, and customer success. They also allow you to concentrate on the product instead of other marketing tasks.

  • Performance Attribution

In Partner Program, it becomes easy for SaaS companies to understand the ROI of their marketing channels. The performance-based nature of a partner program makes acquisition measuring and revenue control relatively straightforward.

Hope now you have a rough idea of what a partner program is and what it might look like.

About AiTrillion Partner Program

AiTrillion’s world-class Partner Owner Program is the only program where partners can grow, scale, and earn a flat 50% monthly recurring commission on every referral. Use your expertise to drive clients and get paid in return. This Partner Program offers a range of perks to Firms and Freelancers who choose to team up with AiTrillion.

Benefits of Joining AiTrillion Partner Program

  • Flat 50% monthly recurring commission on every referral.
  • Get 100% management fees for managed partner setup and account fee revenue. (Suggested one-time setup fee of $2500 & $1000/month)
  • Get featured on AiTrillion Partner’s listing page.
  • Get funds from AiTrillion for organizing local seller meetups.
  • Attend global partner meetups and grow your network within the community.
  • Access to AiTrillion resources, library, and academy
  • Lead sharing opportunities.
  • Get co-marketing opportunities.
  • Priority support from the AiTrillion team.

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