When you announce sales and promotions, your shoppers must know they can only take the benefits of the sale for a few hours or days. Or that free shipping won’t be free forever!

Showing them that time is running out and creating the intent of scarcity nudges the online shoppers and influences their decision of shopping. 

To achieve this Countdown Timers can help you! Nothing can beat the countdown to get people to feel major FOMO(The fear of missing out), and as a Shopify store owner, you can take advantage of that feeling to boost your store’s sales.

According to a study, shoppers make a prompt decision in the name of scarcity. Consider Scarcity Principle, “Consumers place a higher value on goods that are scarce than on goods that are abundant. Psychologists note that when a good or service is perceived to be scarce, people want it more. Consider how many times you’ve seen an advertisement stating something like this: limited time offer, limited quantities, while supplies last, liquidation sale, only a few items left in stock, etc”.

Countdown Timers help in enticing customers to purchase now because they envision feeling regret later about missing an opportunity. This is true even if they know the scarcity is intentionally created by the store owners. 

Urgency can be pivotal to influence the customers to pull the trigger on a purchase. Previously we have discussed everything about notifications but today we’re going to focus solely on countdown timers and how to drive sales through them.

Here are some examples of how to use timers to leverage the power of your deals.

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