If you are an e-commerce seller at Shopify, this is something that will interest you. Well, you all must be aware of Shopify because who isn’t? This platform allows businesses of all kinds to sell their products; in other words, it is an online shopping store. But with gazillions of stores selling and trying to reach out to their targeted audience, how do you ensure that your product is seen and reached by the specific niche you are aiming at? That’s where product recommendation helps.

What Product Recommendation Really is?

As the name implies, product recommendation suggests to the customers the products of their interest in online selling portals such as Shopify. This product recommendation assists the customers to find something they are looking for or have an interest in. This can be in the form of two ways. Firstly, by showing products that the business might preview, it would be liked or preferred by the consumer. Or secondly, using advanced algorithms to view the buying patterns or trends and suggests to them the products of their needs. Product recommendation might not always be accurate, but the algorithms have helped it be more précised and related.

Product recommendation is considered the future, and it is for the right reasons. It provides the customers’ ease of buying and increases the business’s revenue by attracting the right customers.

The Significance of Customer Engagement

To suggest what might interest the customers, it’s essential to understand their perspectives and views. And how can it be done? By focusing more on engaging than trying to sell the product! By engaging, we mean trying to interact with your customers more often to build a rapport with them. Many effective ways can contribute to building a relationship with the targeted customers. Such as by an active social media presence, asking for regular feedback, and taking their suggestions!

There are often two types of marketing relationships. A transactional relationship that solely focuses on selling the product and an emotional connection tries to enhance the customers’ long-term relationship. The latter keeps the business thriving. Whereas the former one usually ends up in one-time buy from the customers.

But how does it help the business in retaining customers? The audience’s engagement and interaction can help you in gathering information regarding them. This can consist of their buying trends, patterns, their likings and disliking, and their budget. With this, you can recommend to them what you have in store or develop products that can appeal to your customers.

Customer Engagement and Product Recommendation: What is the Relation?

The customers’ engagement helps gather the required information by the business and recommends the products accordingly. For instance, a customer searches for a particular product at an online shopping store’s search engine, signaling what the customers prefer and then suggest something to them, which is similar to what they were surfing for. Moreover, the reviews and the ratings of the consumers are used to present them with the same selling options but higher ratings.

Importance of Customer Timeline and How AiTrillion Can Benefit you with it

Customer timeline is the journey of customers. That means it gives an insight into the consumer’s behavior, what they are looking for, what pages they are visiting, and most importantly, what they are purchasing. This can then help your business develop the right marketing strategy to attract the targeted audience.

These insights are considered so useful and can boost up your sales. But how can you track the customer’s events? That’s where AiTrillion helps you.

All you have to do is connect your e-commerce businesses with AiTrillion, and you can penetrate customer behaviors very easily.

AiTrillion will provide you with the details of every move of the customers. Such as when they visited your online store, when did they click on the email that you sent, and when the customer did make a purchase! This feature of AiTrillion comes very handy when deciding upon long-term marketing strategies and evaluating which part or way of marketing led to the consumer ends up buying from you. In addition to it, it contributes to increased sales and a better understanding of your customer base.

Do you know what’s even better with AiTrillion? The centralized customer activities mean you get to view everything about all of your customers in one place. Isn’t that amazing?

Must-Know Benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Thanks to the technological advancements that have significantly aided in getting a better overview of consumer behavior and buying patterns. It has brought enormous benefits, some of them are AI.

AI is data unnaturally fed to the machines allowing them to operate like human minds. As artificial intelligence helps in every field of life, it is doing wonders in the selling industry. The best way to ensure that a customer is a returning consumer is to make them feel special. With the increasing competition in the market, it has become vital to provide the customers with a seamless customer service experience. That’s the only way for the businesses to thrive. Some of the benefits that the use of AI brings are as follows.

  1. Better consumer experience as the users feel valued
  2. Boost in sales
  3. Increase in customer referrals

Using AI to Target What Customer Wants

Artificial intelligence aids here by offering a personalized experience to every customer, which might not have been possible humanly—product recommendation functions with machine learning and AI. The product recommendation system works upon the consumers’ data and the product to only show the related products to the customers that are of their interest. It pushes the products according to the customer’s requirements that the users might not have been able to view. There are various techniques for product recommendations—collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and complementary filtering, to name a few.

Let’s talk about in detail that how AI product recommendation works. There are two aspects to it.

The Enterprise Data for Product Recommendation

The AI product recommendation company will ask you to provide the enterprise data. This can consist of consumer profiles, buying patterns of the consumers, a list of product names, and its purpose. All this information is fed to the machine learning algorithm to enable the matching of product requirements.

Matching the Products with the Customers

According to the data input that the machine algorithm has learned, it will show the related products to the customers interested in it determined through their previous buying and visiting behaviors. The suggestions usually pop in front of the targeted customers in the form of ads on the sidebar or at the top of the screen.

Now the question arises how your e-commerce business at Shopify benefits from product recommendations. The answer is as simple as it gets. Connect your online businesses with AiTrillion and give your customers the advantage of making decisions in real-time by showing them what they need in the first place. It will help your business products to be seen by the right customer at the right time. What else do you need?

Which Brands are using Product Recommendation Capture a Greater Market Share?

So it’s no surprise that the leading companies jumped on this latest bandwagon of product recommendations to engross their customers. Netflix, one of the top content platforms, has been using it for a while, making customers’ experience smooth and finding the related shows and movies of their interest with minimal effort.

AI-powered product recommendation has also helped Amazon to generate a tremendous amount of revenue through this tactic. Product recommendations make the users feel special by providing them exactly what they need. Recommended for you, you may also like, and customers also bought are some of the tactics Amazon rely on to increase the customer base while providing them with a smooth shopping experience.

Many other brands like BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Tesco, and others are overly relying on product recommendations to make customer’s online shopping experience worthwhile.

AiTrillion- Your Online Business Future Lies here

AiTrillion is the marketing platform you wished existed to help you with your marketing boost sales and build a rapport with the customers. With so many marketing tools that AiTrillion helps with, AI-enabled product recommendation undoubtedly stands out. AiTrillion will help your business gather all the customers’ information and other valuable data to unleash unexplored business opportunities.

Bottom Line

So now it has been established that product recommendation benefits both the ends. It makes the customers feel valued along with feeling special since retailers consider their tastes and desires. On the other hand, businesses get to build the right marketing strategy and increase customer loyalty and benefit from increased sales, repetitive customers, and enjoyment from customer referrals. All thanks to AiTrillion, a leading marketing platform on Shopify, this is enabling the e-commerce sellers to expand beyond limitations with the help of insights, advice, and tools.

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