A Southern Lifestyle Company is a veteran-owned, family-run clothes and gastronome food company based out of Savannah, Georgia. This Georgia Grown company has become the first choice for those who love comfort along with trends. Most of their products come from the great state of Georgia.

“A Southern Lifestyle Company” was born a few years ago when my wife and I decided to start a company that fits our lifestyle and love for the South. Danny & Sarah Merritt

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At Wonderchef, you can seamlessly explore a wide range collection of Non-Stick Cookware, Cooktops, Chimneys, Bakeware, Stainless Steel Pans, Pressure Cookers, and much more!

The customized recipes of Wonderchef make it more special. These recipes are shared with our consumers via beautifully crafted recipe books, social media interactions, and dedicated apps.

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Danny & Sarah Merritt, the founder of Southern Lifestyle Company, started out as a simple idea quickly molded into a brand that so many people have gotten behind. 

The company really does offer something for everyone from the shooting enthusiasts, the enthusiastic anglers, the austral belles, the dog lovers, the home-cooking mamas, the front-porch companions, to everything in between!

We are proudly Georgia Grown and Veteran Owned and will continue to keep making products that reflect our love and pride in southern living.#Southern Lifestyle Company

A Southern Lifestyle Company’s ability to provide exceptional customer service is by far one of the most significant things. The Giveback Candle is the newest venture by A Southern Lifestyle Co! All the collection of its candles is hand-poured by their team right here in Savannah, GA.