The Celebrity Gift Company designs unique collectible items of popular characters including Disney, Betty Boop, Marvel, Simpsons, etc as well as Music & TV legends. The founder of Celebrity Gift Company Karen and Ian Riley has over 50 years of experience as senior managers running businesses in the construction industry. They have been trading for 4 years now and their stock range and suppliers continue to expand with many of their products.

The Celebrity Gift Company
The Celebrity Gift Company

Karen’s love for Betty Boop & Disney and Ian’s love of music including Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, and The Who proved the perfect combination to allow customers to purchase unique collectible products sourced from around the world.

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Online shop for gift item
Online shop for gift item

Karen and Ian Riley started off with the eBay store in 2014 and expanded the range of Celebrity Gift Company to open their first store in 2018 in Middlesbrough.  Their range expanded to the point where they needed additional storage so Karen and Ian Riley relocated the business to their hometown of Redcar and opened a store in August 2019.

hand made gift item
hand made gift item shop

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