A Toronto Based Shopify Store Craig’s Cookies makes delicious cookies for those who want munchies snacks every day. The hand-picked ingredients of the cookies make them different from other ordinary cookies that are available in the market. 

Craig’s Cookies celebrates the yum factor in the chocolate chip cookie! 

Using the best ingredients, Craig uses a recipe taught by his Mom. His mom loves cooking and never gets afraid to try something new to surprise Craig. When he was living with his mom in St. John’s Newfoundland in the 1980s, Craig learned how to bake cookies.


Here at Craig’s Cookies, they are passionate about quality and fun! From the first batch in 2013, he started baking the mouthwatering classic chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

At Craig’s Cookies, they pack each cookie with not only a tantalizing taste but with nostalgia, so that you can feel it when you take your first bite!

Craig’s Cookies also offers customized gift boxes of cookies and Canada-wide shipping through Canada Post!  Because of the pandemic, they have not resumed deliveries yet.

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Online store of Chocolate Ice Cream,
Online store of Chocolate Ice Cream

Craig’s Cookies offers over 100 flavors that are the reason their customers and friends come back to the store to get their cookie fix. Customer satisfaction is very important for Craig’s Cookies that’s why their team put extra effort to deliver exactly what customers want.

Craig's Cookies
Shopify Cookies Store


Craig’s Cookies also has Gift Cards for their lovable customers. Now it’s become super easy for customers to send someone special Craig’s Cookies gift card to place orders at craigscookies.com. Though it’s not redeemable for in-store purchases, customers can redeem it online whenever they want.