Lady Love Myself is a Shopify store where you will find hand-designed customized drinkware: Wine glasses, Shot glasses, and other handmade and creative items.

Lady Love Myself was founded in May of 2019. The story behind this eCommerce store is very exciting. The founder of the company was preparing for her first vendor’s event. She decided to sell handmade bath bombs, and candles in different styles of glasses. Unfortunately, the event was canceled just 2 days before the date. Though she sold the bath bombs but left with many empty glasses.

wine glass for gift
Wine Glasses

She looked at a table filled with 10-Daquiri Glasses,10-Champagne Flutes,10 Wine Glasses.

That’s how Lady Love Myself came to the world. She chose the name Lady Love Myself because it was something that she was learning to do all over again. She pledges to herself not to give up and return the items back to the store. She pledges to herself for choosing to continue and see the positivity in it all by utilizing it into something fabulous.

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bride and groom wine glasses

The founder of first created the daiquiri glasses “Ms. Caliente”. She envisioned a sexy low-cut dress draped with diamonds. The glittering red color made her hot like fire.

Then she designed Champagne Flutes. With her creative visualization, she designed Champagne flutes to add little fun to memorable occasions.
lady love myself
wine glass shop

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