LoveHeld is a USA-based company for baby goods, designing high-quality, timeless Baby Carriers + Linen Bedding. All their baby carriers are, ultra-soft, extra supportive, great for new parents, and perfect for all weathers. 

From super-soft baby carriers to luxury home items, LoveHeld is a one-stop destination where you will find everything you need through each of life’s stages.

Ring sling baby carriers

All the sling baby carriers are easy to use, convenient, compact in nature, and easy to clean. Satisfying your needs, while wrapping your kids in ultra-soft linen. This USA-based clothing company uses only the highest quality of fibers, dyed responsibly without harsh chemicals, and manufactured by skilled artisan hands.

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“Join the parenting journey with LoveHeld beyond babywearing and into the moments of every day”.

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Each design of LoveHeld products is crafted thoughtfully from the beginning weaving of natural textiles on family-owned-operated approaches. From the complimentary dust bags to re-useable packaging all are designed with a special caramel treat just for you!

baby carriers
baby carriers

Its latest Autumn inspired slings are wonderfully soft, there is no washing or breaking in needed! Each one is manufactured from Oeko-Tex certified linen, handcrafted by caring hands, then softened with utmost care just for your lovely family! Loveheld’s Linen Bears are the favorite of kids. These Eco-friendly bears are manufactured in certified LoveHeld textiles and stuffed perfectly with hypoallergenic fiberfill.

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“One Ring Sling Baby Carrier is donated to a family in need per every 10 Ring Sling Baby Carriers purchased”. #HopeCommunityFamily

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