At PRETTY, they understand the value of being able to edit your images splendidly and efficiently while still being able to stay true to your own signature style, so they created professional Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, and Overlays with some amazing concepts in mind.

Lightroom presets has created unique, high quality, professional Lightroom & Photoshop editing tools. They spend 100’s of hours designing each collection followed by months of rigorous testing by their Pretty team of photographers to make sure every individual Preset, Action, and Overlay works flawlessly and is fully customizable, allowing you complete control over your final edit!

In addition to creating innovative products, Lightroom Presets is also dedicated to helping and improving Lightroom & Photoshop skills and making their customer’s experience at Pretty nothing short of AMAZING!

Lightroom Presets loves its community and is a trusted resource to over 300,000 professional and hobbyist photographers from over 100+ countries who use and love Presets, Actions & Overlays.

We offer hundreds of tutorials on our blog, free training, and the #1 Lightroom & Photoshop Facebook group to help you learn to edit your photos more confidently today!  #lightroompresets

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Pretty Presets Bomb Pop Collection will help you create gorgeous color images with simple one-click presets. Add vivid color and pop to your photos with options ranging from to soft and clean color, subtle matte, and of course dramatic rich color pop – perfect for child and family portraits, weddings, fashion, and landscape photographers around the world.

This fun collection was inspired by our super popular BOMB POP preset and includes 20 Pretty Presets + BONUS Bomb Pop Preset + 10 Post Presets which can be used on any of your images taken in natural light.  

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Pastels Collection gives you the ability to create the light and airy essence of pastel film tones with easy one-click presets.

These Film Lightroom presets are so versatile and easy to use. Enhance your photos with peachy pinks, cool greens, and creamy skin tones that make this style so popular with a wedding, portrait, family, and landscape photographers around the world! If you like the look of Fuji Pro 400H, you’re going to LOVE Pretty FILM: Pastels Collection!



A powerful, precise, and versatile set of sweepingly beautiful actions, brushes, and tools that will totally infuse your images with light & airy color you have to see to believe!!

This amazing new set is packed with 78 powerful, creative, and workflow actions – everything you need to quickly and easily enhance your photos with soft pastel tones, gentle haze, and rich creamy light. These powerful actions work synergistically, building on one another as a complete workflow solution.


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