designed African-inspired prescription eyewear. It aims to share a vision of change with the world. Bôhten’s state-of-the-art African-inspired eyewear collection is inspired to optimize the viewing experience while adding an effortless luxury to gaze.

Founded by Nana Boateng Osei and Nana Kwadwo Osei, the products of Bôhten build a fascination that allows them to challenge the status quo while strongly meeting the industry standard with help from some of the world’s famous brand developers, engineers, and artisans.

The founder of the company values and sense of style. With the influence of five different countries on three different continents, Bohten reflects Nana’s skill for creativity and passion for cultural development, sustainability, and fashion as a whole.

The newest collection of Bohten brand has since been well received by Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, as well as featured in several regional media circuits like CTV morning live, Daytime Ottawa and in “Press The Fashion” magazine’s 2012 winter issue.

Bohten also believes in supporting its country’s economy. It setting up local manufacturing channels in Canada to create jobs and job opportunities for Canadians at large. With the motive not only on using recycled materials, but the Bohten brand also tries to place a high value on reducing waste when using local material for design purposes.

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latest goggle collection

“Bôhten Eyewear combines a love of African nature, new-age fashion, deep-rooted culture, and contemporary lifestyle. They are driven by #VisionofChange in environmental sustainability and optimizing the eyewear experience for all”.

Bohten Eyewear
Bohten Eyewear
Bohten Eyewear collection
latest goggle collection

Bohten is creating history and future simultaneously by combining love and affection of African nature, new-age fashion, deep-rooted culture, and contemporary lifestyle. Its vision is simple, shift cultural paradigms, revamp the eyewear experience, and bridge the progeny between our forefathers and the new generations.

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eye wear collection

Bohten, the online eyewear store operates locally across Africa and supports environmental sustainability, eye care, and youth employment. They incorporate sustainable practices in their operations and products and run tree planting programs in Ghana and Kenya to reduce deforestation. Bohten works with local alliances on eyewear education and accessibility and provides employment opportunities to fight some of the highest youth unemployment levels in the world.

Bohten uses the best quality lenses while designing its unique glasses. It uses lightweight polycarbonate (1.59 index) for its lenses. For kids, they designed an impact-resistant and a good fit so that it becomes easy for them to wear active eyeglasses for a long time. Bluelight treatment is also available for sunglasses and eyeglasses in the store.

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“A symbol of confidence, natural fit, and clear vision, our lenses draw on tradition, style, and creativity”. #bohten

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