The Little Green Weigh is York’s zero waste shop with a wide range of planet-friendly products. They sell food, cleaning products, toiletries, gifts, and more, and even deliver to your door.

At the Little Green weigh, food safety is their biggest priority for customers. Their team knows how stressful it is to shop for food items. This is why they execute very strict food safety practices to minimize the risk of contamination as much as possible.

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Its main aim is to produce high-quality products and affordable products all in one place. So whether you need a pasta top-up, toiletries, or household cleaner they have sourced the right products for you. The Little Green Weigh started this business with a passion for reducing waste to create an impact on the environment. And they took this very seriously when it comes to shop, products, and practices.

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The Little Green Weigh has gained huge popularity in the market because of its passion and new ways of delivering products to customers. All the products that they create for customers are enriched with high quality that why people love what they make!

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The Little Green Weigh Membership Plan

The membership plan for the Little Green Weigh rewards customers for making planet-friendly swaps. This Green Membership allows members to earn points for shopping, telling their friends about Little Green Weigh, reviewing products, and more.

You can then exchange your points for vouchers, discounts, and freebies! Little Green Weigh is also starting to link with local businesses to give discounts and offers for their products and services. So you can support the planet and the community.