Product Recommendations

Powered by AI

In store product recommendations

Gain higher conversions and happier customers.
Use AiTrillion’s AI to Upsell, and Cross-sell and deliver Personalized
Product Recommendations, resulting in a better experience.

The AiTrillion Magic

We believe in delivering real-time personalized recommendations to each online store visitor by extracting
product attributes, using the combination of various shopper profiles and buying behaviours.

Increase your revenue, conversions & basket size.

In-store Product Recommendations

AiTrillion uses AI to analyse the relationship between the products on your website and automatically recommends the best product which complements the existing product in the basket.

Enhance the shopping journey of every visitor

Feature your products personalized to each shopper throughout their entire shopping journey by “You May Like”, “Frequently Bought Together”, “Related Items”, “Most Popular”, “Trending”, etc.

AiTrillion’s Intelligent Recommendations was built to give store owners the power to personalize product recommendations. Infuse recommendations with everything you know about your buyer, including their buying history, insights &  behavior happening in any of your channels to deliver real-time relevance in your recommendations.

Deliver a true omnichannel experience with individualized product recommendations across all of your channels. We mean everywhere – in-store, online, via email, facebook, and push.

Prioritize rules to ensure shoppers only see the suitable experience designated as a top priority. For example, only show items that are in their size and are in stock.