Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays for e-commerce businesses, as it presents an opportunity to capitalize on the gift-giving market and drive sales. With the holiday approaching, businesses are thinking of ways to create a marketing strategy that will resonate with their audience.

In this blog post, we will provide some Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for 2023 for e-commerce stores. We’ll explore creative ways to attract customers and drive sales, from creating personalized gift guides to running special promotions. We’ll also look at ways to use social media and email marketing to reach potential customers and make your products stand out. These ideas are designed to help you maximize the potential of the Valentine’s Day holiday and help increase your revenue during this festive season. Whether you’re a small business owner or a digital marketer, this guide will provide you with the information you need to create a successful Valentine’s Day marketing strategy for your e-commerce store.

Table of Contents

  1. Give Your eCommerce Store a Romantic Look
  2. Send Your Customers Valentine’s Theme Emails
  3. Create a Bundle of Valentine’s Day Products
  4. Use Push Notifications to Promote Exclusive Gift Items
  5. Improve Communication with Customers with forms
  6. Use Automated Workflow to Run a Love-Themed Campaign 
  7. Send Product Recommendations Based on Previous Purchase
  8. Use Loyalty Program to Offer Couple Deals
  9. Promote Time-Sensitive Offers
  10. Offer E-Gift Cards
  11. Provide Free Shipping 
  12. Focus on User-Generated Content on Social Media
  13. Use the Announcement Bar to Announce Special offers
  14. Use Affiliate Marketing to Reach Out to Target Audience
  15. Remind People about Self-Love
  16. Conclusion


Valentine’s day is one of the most awaited celebrations that every couple waits to celebrate. It’s an occasion to make your loved ones feel special. Shopify businesses can use this opportunity to increase sales by offering Valentine’s Day special gifts and offers. 

Creating a highly personalized campaign for your customers for February 14, 2022, will also help you increase customer lifetime value (LTV). And in turn, convert them into loyal customers. 

Remember, not every customer is celebrating Valentine’s day as nearly 50% of Americans identify as single. In addition to couples, there are best friends, parents, grandparents, co-workers, even neighbors who use Valentine’s day to express affection. 

Here are some of the proven Valentine’s day marketing ideas to provide inspiration for your own marketing program. So without further ado, let’s discuss valentine’s campaign ideas.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas


1. Give Your eCommerce Store a Romantic Look

Start your Valentine’s day preparation with your online store. Use the red hearts, little cupids, arrows, and love letters theme and give your store romantic effects. You can also add a special section with the name “Valentine Store” to make it for your customers to buy gift items easily. 

To make your eCommerce store more appealing, you can show recently seen items on the home page. It motivates customers to buy fast before they change their minds.

Let’s take an example of Kimirica’s skincare product. The store has beautifully used product images in a slider to grab the attention of website visitors. In the menu section, Kimirica has a special category for Valentine’s day gifts. 

If you also want to decorate your eCommerce website for Valentine’s day, click here to discuss personalized campaign ideas.

Valentine’s Day

Image source: Kimirica

2. Send Your Customers Valentine’s Theme Emails

Email marketing is the best way to increase conversion rates. Customers who haven’t bought from you for a long time—it’s the perfect time to win back them again. Use win-back email series with Valentine’s theme and give some amazing deals to encourage purchases. 

The other valentine’s day email marketing ideas are:

  • Send emails to those customers who purchased for Valentine’s Day last year. You can also include a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.
  • Use Shopify’s customer segmentation platform to segment past customers by AOV and send product recommendation emails based on their preferences. 

3. Create a Bundle of Valentine’s Day Products

A product bundle is a collection of similar products designed to give costumes everything in one place. Adding a product bundle to your Shopify store is the most appropriate Valentine’s Day marketing idea to be implemented. You can also create gift sets like men’s grooming items, and facial items in one place to boost sales.

4. Use Push Notifications to Promote Exclusive Gift Items

Shopify’s valentine’s day push notification campaign helps you showcase your valentines day bundles. This budget-friendly campaign idea for Valentine’s Day makes it easy to you to reach your costumes even if they are not in your store. 

Carefully choose the message for your push notification. If AiTrillion, use can use some attractive push notification templates to grab the attention of your website visitors. 

Use Web Push Notifications to Boost Customer Engagement!

5. Improve Communication with Customers with forms

Most customers especially men do not always have ideas on what to purchase to make their special ones happy. Thus, you can save their time by asking them some simple questions and can customize gift items based on their preferences. To know what kind of item they are looking for, you can use forms. 

You can also send a form with the help of a valentine’s day marketing campaign. With AiTrillion’s Form Builder, you can design your custom form with any number of fields and replace it with Shopify’s default form.

6. Use Automated Workflow to Run a Love-Themed Campaign

Start promoting Valentine’s Day gift items and bundles a few weeks in advance. Send valentines emails to customers with attractive offers and best-selling items to nudge them to shop more. For sending marketing campaigns to your customers, you don’t need to put your extra efforts here.

An automated marketing platform can help you to design a workflow through which you send emails and push notifications at a certain fixed time. AiTrillion’s workflow automation feature also allows you to segment your audience who have opened your mail and send them web push notifications with the same campaign message. 

7. Send Product Recommendations Based on Previous Purchase

Product recommendation is one of the effective ways to upsell and cross-sell your store items. Use Valentine’s day as an opportunity to increase customer average order rate by sending relevant product recommendations.

Use the customer’s previous purchase history to send product recommendations. In AiTrillion full-fledged analytics, you can track all customer interactions with your store and can design your Shopify email marketing based on their digital footprints. 

8. Use Shopify Loyalty Program to Offer Couple of Deals

Shopify Loyalty programs are the best way to incentivize your loyal customers. On Valentine’s day use Loyalty programs to design some couple deals. Pair a couple of gift items together and give X% discount to your new customers. You can also send personalized Thank You emails with eye-catching valentine’s Day email subject lines

If you opt-in for a point-based loyalty program, remember to send such loyalty points in advance so that customers will utilize that points in valentines day shopping. 

9. Promote Time-Sensitive Offers

We all know that the fear of missing out on something has a great impact on a human’s mind. As a Shopify store owner, you can turn this fear into more sales with a countdown timer. 

An announcement bar with a countdown time helps in creating urgency and excites customers to take action promptly. Use CTA like limited time offer, Sale ended soon, X hours left in sale end, and so on to create urgency. 

10. Offer E-Gift Cards

Save your customers time to spend hours in search of a Valentine’s Day gift for their loved once. Promote e-gift cards. For last-minute buyers, e-cards can turn lifesavers as meeting with “Bea” without any gift on Valentine’s day can lead to a breakup. 😀

Offering e-gift cards, and promoting them through valentine’s email marketing not only make their shopping easier but also allow your customers to send their gifts to recipients with a click.

11. Provide Free Shipping

Free shipping influences shoppers to buy more. It also helps in reducing the Shopify abandoned cart rate as most online shoppers leave the cart because of extra shipping charges and taxes. Use an integrated eCommerce marketing platform to give your customers a free shipping option. You can also apply free shipping after a certain amount of car value, it increases the AOV in the desire of free shipping. 

12. Focus on user-generated content on social media

Use user-generated content to win the trust of customers on social media platforms. You can use the Shopify product review widget to display your customer reviews on online stores and social media channels. 

Run some contests and give some perks to customers when they share a shopping experience with you. Valentine’s day can be proved as the best day to collect maxim customer reviews. So instead of asking for reviews manually, use automated tools to send some create campaigns and increase customer engagement and trust.

13. Use the Announcement Bar to Announce Special offers

Create engaging announcement bars to highlight Valentine’s Day offer that you don’t want your customers to miss out on. Set the bar on the homepage, footer, and wherever you want on the store to grab visitors’ attention and drive more conversions. 

With AiTrillion, it’s very easy to design announcement bars. You can also use some pre-designed templates to promote your offers.

14. Use Affiliate Marketing to Reach Out to Target Audience

Use Shopify Affiliate Program to connect with affiliates and promote your valentine’s day offers in front of the mass. An affiliate program helps sellers to connect with potential affiliates which helps them to reach out to their target audience. 

eCommerce affiliate marketing runs on a commission basis. You need to give affiliates an X% of comments on every purchase that is based on the link shared by them. 

AiTrillion Affiliate program has made it simple for Shopify sellers to run Affiliate marketing by giving them access to a single consolidated dashboard where they can see every single detail of their affiliates.

15. Remind people about self-love 

Valentine’s Day is the best time to show your customer that self-care and love should be the priority of everyone. Utilize this holiday season to encourage your buyers and educate them on the importance of self-care and love.

Send some skincare tips, and product recommendations for skin care products based on gender. Segment customers based on gender, and last purchase product/amount and send them emails with personalized self-care products. 

For example, if you sell skincare products, send a bundle of daily skincare products to all your female customers. 


Valentine’s Day gives you the chance to improve your life-long relationship with your customers and retain lost customers. We believe that the list of mentioned-above 15 best Valentine’s Day marketing strategies will help you boost your sales in the most romantic week of the year.

Talk to our Shopify experts to know more about how you can leverage AiTrillion to boost sales.

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