Web Push Notification is an interesting marketing channel for any business to grow online. It has become an important element of the marketing business of many brands in the world. Push Notification allows you to reach your customers and visitors even if they are not on your website by delivering messages directly on their mobile or desktop.

Having web push notifications in your marketing strategy for the Shopify store can be proved as a game-changer for you. From running campaigns to amend your cart abandonment recovery messages to optimize your campaigns to bring in more revenue, web push notifications can do all this for you.


AiTrillion offers push notifications integrated with Ai-Powered features to help you grow your website traffic by getting new visitors and engaging with your existing customers.


The main USP of AiTrillion’s web push notifications is the Integration with 8+ touchpoints like Loyalty Rewards, Product Reviews, Email Marketing, Workflow Automation, Smart Popups, and multiple triggers available on the platform.  


 AiTrillion’s web push notification has become an important channel for Shopify stores since it gives websites the power of prompt communication via websites and that too on all devices.


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Powerful Features of AiTrillion’s Web Push Notifications

Workflow Push Notification

AiTrillion allows you to send web push notifications automatically based on the eCommerce triggers like customer signup, loyalty points earned, review requests, order places, order fulfilled, and many more. You can set your customized automated push notification flow once, then sit back and relax and watch your sales skyrocket.
With AiTrillion’s Workflow Automation:


  • Prebuilt eCommerce based push notification workflow series.
  • Welcome, abandoned cart, loyalty, and review push notification series.
  • Product recommendations push notification series.
Web Push with Workflow Automation

Give Personalize Touch with Segmentation

With AiTrillion segmentation, you will be able to segment your subscribers based on their behavior on your website like what product they added to the cart, geography, gender, custom actions they perform, etc. This will drive you to receive a much better CTR.

With AiTrillion, you can add product images while sending push notifications to reach your segmented audience and trigger the exact emotion. Personalization along with segmentation and integration will be a major driver to receive a higher CTR rate.

Adding CTA buttons in web push notifications helps your audience know about the product launch details, webinar, or any other details of the company.

AiTrillion allows you:


  • Add product images to give a personalized touch to your push notifications.
  • Add personalized content to hit the exact emotions of the customer.
  • Send push notifications based on customer behavior.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Reach out your lost customers with personalized notifications and recover sales. Utilize our push notification with relevant and timely messages that will drive your customers to complete the transaction.

AiTrillion’s cart abandonment push notification allows you:

  • Select time to send notifications
  • Customize templates
  • Personalized message
  • Advanced widgets

Trigger-Based Push Notification

Triggered push notification campaigns are your secret weapon to higher conversions.
It can help you go the extra mile to hit the aim (conversion) that you’ve set. You can engage and re-engage your customers into making a purchase or performing an action that you want them to take by setting a series of well-timed and relevant notifications.

It also allows you to send action-based push notifications (actions that a user performs on your website), this classifies from page visits to button clicks, Cart Abandonment, Back in stock updates, Shipping updates, Price Drop, etc.

With AiTrillion, you can send push notifications based on triggers like:

  • Customer signup,
  • Loyalty points earned,
  • Review request,
  • Order placed,
  • Order fulfilled and many more.

So start sending automatic web push notifications to optimize clicks from a subscriber based on historical information.


Creative Pre-Designed Templates 

AiTrillion offers pre-designed push notifications templates including all the content blocks and design elements you need to launch a quick eCommerce campaign.

With designer web push notification templates you can save your time and effort which you would otherwise need to invest designing from scratch. 

No need to wait any longer, pick your favorite templates now and start sending when push notifications to promote your offerings. For newbies who don’t have any coding skills, these pre-designed templates are enough to take care of the pickiest users, yet simple to work with and customize to your likings for the novice. Use these templates and feel free to revise them per your or your client’s interest. 


With AiTrillion:

  • Access exclusive predesigned templates and graphics
  • Easily customize templates in a minute
  • Add products dynamically based on a collection
push notification templates

Personalize your Push Notifications

Being able to send the message using personal traits like Name, Location, and Preferences of your subscribers will help you send messages that reverberate and thumps the emotions of your audience.

Personalization, integrated with segmentation, will be a major driver to receive a higher CTR rate. With AiTrilion you can send personalized web push notifications to your target audience to trigger the exact emotion.


Add CTA buttons in web push notifications to let your audience to download a book or book a webinar or buy the product.


AiTrillion allows you:

  • Add product images to give a personalized touch to your push notifications.
  • Add personalized content to hit the exact emotions of the customer.
  • Send push notifications based on customer behavior.


Emojis (20%), rich formats (25%), tailored send times (40%), advanced targeting (threefold), and personalization (fourfold) can all improve reaction rates (Accengage)


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Complete Report of Web Push Notification Campaign


AiTrillion’s push notification dashboard provides a complete report of push notifications. The report can be viewed based on segments or campaigns. 

For mapping your next campaign and marketing strategies, you need answers about your customers to plan effectively. With AiTrillion’s push analytics, you can get all the real-time customer insights and design your marketing planning based on customer behavior. You can track the customer analytical report days, weeks, or months wise. 

AiTrillion’s customer analytics is based on statistical models, charts, or numbers, it consists of recommendations, Ai Prediction, and actions that can help make better business decisions.

With AiTrillion’s push analytics you can track:

  • Number of Campaign Sent 
  • Total Number of Subscriber
  • Total Number of Push Delivered
  • Push Impression
  • Total Number of Clicks
  • Total Number of Order Received, etc.
push report

With all the powerful and advance features, AiTrillion also helps you engage your  customers in the following way

Welcome Push Notification– Nail customer engagement by sending an automatic welcome push.

Abandoned Cart Push Notifications– Send multiple automatic abandoned cart notifications to re-engage your customers & visitors.

Schedule & Trigger Web Push Notifications– Schedule & trigger web push automatically as per your promotional plan & upcoming festivals.

Loyalty Points Notification– Send push notifications to notify your customers about their loyalty points earned and redeemed.

Refer a Friend Push Notifications– Inform your customers about the Refer a Friend program when they make a new purchase or sign up on the store.

Leave a Review Push Notification– Send push notifications to ask for a review after the customer purchased any product from the store.



Almost every Shopify store owner is leveraging the power of web push notifications for their business. If you are one of them we hope that you are using the superpowers of web push notifications responsibly by not spamming your audience but giving them timely alerts and sharing relevant content.

If you want more information about web push notifications and how AiTrillion can work for you to enhance customer experience, just drop your query at support@aitrillion.com. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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