If you are not getting a good engagement rate for your push notification, then AiTrillion’s Web Push Notification has got your back. No beating around the bush. You can use push notifications to retain more customers in your store. You just need to understand the best practices for doing so. These are the top 4 hacks that will prove to be a fortune turner on your store.

1. Push Notification Title

Your customers are already getting different push notifications from other websites. A push notification with a crisp and catchy title has a fighting chance of standing out in the notification crowd. Since you have a limited number of characters to play with, so use the words wisely.

Below are examples of some eye-catching titles you can try for your push notifications:

Intriguing: Create a title that piques a sense of curiosity in your customer’s mind. There is a high possibility that customers will click on the notification out of curiosity.

-Find it. Love it. Buy it.
-Something for your whole gang!!

Urgency: You can induce your customers to click on notification by creating a sense of urgency in your title.

-Hurry up!! Christmas is 5 days away- Book your table now before it’s too late.

Emojis: Emojis are not just a fun character. It’s definitely more than that, it’s an “Emotion”. You can trigger emotion in your push notification title which will lead to a high click rate.

How to add catchy title & emoji to your push notifications

With AiTrillion, you can easily send push notifications with catchy title & Emoji characters. Let’s say you want to announce your Wednesday discount offer on bags you can simply send a push notification: “This will make you love Wednesdays, get 50% off on bags every Wednesday” and to make it more creative you can also include a bag Emoji with it.

2. Timing

Sending a mouth-watering, food-related push, at the wrong time (say 3 a.m.) can turn your engagement back to zero. It’s very crucial to get in touch with your customers when they are active. Start sending personalized time-base push notifications with Aitrillion now.


Check push notification analytics to get useful customer insights & see which day and time of the day are more favorable to your subscribers.

Always remember the subscriber’s time zone:

Your customers are all across the globe and you cannot target them all with a “single” notifications sent out for a “single” time zone. A Monday sale notification will not work for users in the part of the world where it is a Tuesday today. With AiTrillion you can easily send & schedule a notification based on the subscriber’s time zone. This way you do not have to create multiple notifications for different time-zones. Instead, you can send a single notification delivered based on the subscriber’s time zone.

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3. Trigger

The best time to get in touch with your customers is when they do some action on your website. Since the customer is active at the very moment and has done some interaction on your site. You can set triggers that will automatically send push notifications if a customer performs a specific activity on your store. You can create push notifications based on customer action. Below is a very interesting example:

Stop sending a normal push notification to your customers. Make it more appealing for your customers with AiTrillion’s web push notification. You can interestingly combine your push notifications with Loyalty & Reviews.

-Send “Won loyalty points” push notifications to your customers when they sign up on your store.
-Send a push notification when a customer writes a review on your store.

4. Segment

Always send your customers what they want to see. Sending a push notification about a necklace will be more effective when sent to “girls” aged “20-45”. Always segment your subscribers if you want better results with your push notification campaigns.
Geo-based segmentation helps you target each geo separately. For e.g., if you are running a real estate website, then each geo will have a different listing. Using geo segmentation, you can target each geo more effectively with the relevant listing.

So, Get Started with your Push Notifications Now.

Push notifications are a great tool for improving brand loyalty, delivering value to your customers, and of course driving sales. Personalizing your push notifications based on user data will always keep your content relevant and your customers engaged.