The rise of shopping and e-commerce has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry, right. So are you ready to get a piece of the action to make your website shine?

1. User-Friendly Design

Why do people love shopping on Amazon? …because it has pretty much everything, yeah it does, but it also has an incredibly easy to use website!! The staple of a good web store is easy to use, and nice to look at. The website design should be that clear that if someone visits your store they can effortlessly manage to find what they are looking for.

2. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation, in any case, does not mean putting a big highlighted button on your website saying “Click Here!”. Let’s take an example when you go to a site to book your flight tickets- most of the sites have an option at the top of the page to search flight details like- specific dates, airports, and destinations so that users don’t have to search all over the site for it.

3. Informative Product Description

While you’re creating your product listing make sure that the product description is understandable. You should be able to properly convey what the item is about without even getting so far into detail that you lose their interest. Tip to it is to start considering common keywords to describe the product item, such as what it’s made out of, what purpose does it serve, what size is it, and more.

4. Entice Purchases

You have a good user-friendly design – but you are still lacking in revenue? There can be n number of reasons your sales could be lower than expected. A surefire way to amplify your revenue rate is to offer your customers something special- Like giving them loyalty points, some promotions, discounts, or bundle deals. Think of unique ways to engage customers with Web Push Notifications, Email campaigns, or social media.

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5. Easy Checkout

Just when your customer is about to purchase a product & all set to checkout..oops! where’s the checkout button? Goodbye, revenue. Your check out should always be easy to find & to navigate. Also, make sure that your website covers all the popular payment options.

6. User-Generated Reviews

This is the end of the cycle, but the cycle does not stop here- it’s an ongoing process. After your customers make a purchase on your store they should easily be able to leave a review about it. It’s worth adding an application that integrates into your store that allows users to leave reviews on items they’ve purchased from you.

AiTrillion’s Review Program is one such application is developed to empower you and your customers. Unlike many review systems, AiTrillion will not only send automatic e-mails but also send them Push notifications & reward loyalty points to your customers after they make their purchase, prompting them to review it.


To Conclude

Even if your storefront is thriving (with revenue and traffic), don’t miss the opportunity to establish your brand online. Giving special consideration to these elements will create a strong foundation for digital success. These minor suggestions may actually help make or break your business. So why not start now?