Dreaming of driving a Lambo Or swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck?

Stop! Beware…. It’s the “digital age” that is conducting our planet today.

It sure is tempting to rush into transforming your unique ideas into reality during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) holiday season. eCommerce sellers put in a lot of steadfast efforts to convert visitors into paying customers. It could be raining lightning deals and sponsored products and one deal of the day after another on an eCommerce store. However, there are still so many missed opportunities holding brands back and hindering their progress.

Businesses fail to use suitable acquisition channels, underutilize automation, and personalization because of not having adequate resources dedicated to research, measurement and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Sellers are missing out on the opportunity to increase revenues by engaging with prospective buyers instantly while they are still in buying mode and – more importantly – before they have gone to a competitor’s website. You may have missed out on other new and fast-growing channels that suit your brand, audience, and product offering.

What more? Time is money, and the way to make the most money is to reprice in real-time. Figure out en masse before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Don’t doom your dream

Considering you’re on the home stretch, you, as a seller, must want help to get you across the finish line quicker this BFCM. Opportunities are basically missed because sellers fail to handle their website data effectively or their website is not integrated with other marketing programs. Concentrating on missed opportunities in eCommerce isn’t just about what you’re not doing, it’s about possessing a proactive approach and an agile strategy.

Remember the customers want to feel more humane and not like targets. Brands are defined by the experiences they deliver. To ensure consistent positive experiences worthy of their customer’s new expectations at all stages of the buying journey, eCommerce sellers are synchronizing their marketing, sales, and service functions. Your target audience and key personas may be dwelling on channels you’re not utilizing, which is a disastrous missed opportunity.

Fun Fact


Coke conducted a research and found that on an average, coke drinkers put 3.2 ice cubes in a glass.

While you probably can’t afford a separate marketing research department to gather and monitor all the information that could possibly help you, all successful business owners must know their markets, competitors, customer wants and needs, and “what it takes to be competitive.”

You are expected to budget at least a minimal amount of time and money for research, especially if you are starting a new business or branching out into a new direction.

Don’t ONLY communicate. Make your own PRESENCE felt.

Do you need to obtain a general feel for how key buyers think about your product categories and its various types of items, brands, and buying opportunities? If so, getting reviews of your buyers may be the way to go.
Market research involves customized data-gathering about the specific usage patterns, product feature likes and dislikes, etc., of target buyers or current users of your products. What if you got access to an entire organized report with all the needed customer data onto one dashboard?
A vast majority (just over 95%) of eCommerce sellers fail to define a clear strategy to re-engage with buyers that abandon online or would like support during the customer’s buying journey.

62% of companies in the US have dropped the business terms with companies having poor or no customer experience strategies.— Statista

The all-in-one automated marketing platform, AiTillion provides the required specifications, gathers information, compiles the data, segments customers and offers customized reports to cater to your business needs. Reports comprise daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales reports, broken down by geographical area, or even by product which allow the sellers to retarget and engage with their customers/visitors.

Diversify Your Mediums

It can get very cumbersome and time-consuming to synchronize multiple marketing strategies and work towards boosting your ROI. One needs to be proactive with customer engagement. It could be anything like sending tracking info, delivery push messages, following up after delivery, emailing new offers or products, connecting via chatbots, announcing new features, etc to make sure everything is okay with the product and try to provide an enhanced customer experience.

For eCommerce business owners contemplating to open a single new eCommerce store, communicating the new product prototype to potential target consumers/buyers can get troublesome. 7 out of 10 eCommerce sellers don’t use their website features efficiently to nurture prospects and reward loyalty of existing customers.

“ The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”— Tom Fishburne

Increase your store’s exposure by using multiple marketing channels. The perfect way to detect how visitors use your site is through website analytics. All eCommerce sellers require accurate and timely information to be successful. One must know when to how to proactively maximize your audience by email marketing, run promotions, create urgency, offer free shipping, enhance customer engagement, chatbots, etc.

Each time a buyer arrives on eCommerce store without automation or personalization in place is a missed opportunity to gain insights to engage, interact and nurture prospects and customers. It’s vital that testing different limits on free delivery and try staggering delivery thresholds according to different order values. This will help you find an optimal delivery threshold for your products and give you insights to steer your incentives for free delivery or speedy delivery on customer loyalty campaigns and seasonal offers.
With AiTrillion, an all – in – one automated marketing platform for eCommerce sellers, you can connect and drive triggers to know your customers by integrating 10+ customer engagement channels powered by Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

As an eCommerce store, you will be able to —
– Use predictive analysis to segment your marketing.
– Automate targeted email workflows according to the activities performed by your customers.
– Offer a tailored user journey, full of nudges, upsells and incentives via Loyalty Reward programs.
– Increase repeat purchase and enhance customer lifetime value on your e-store.
– Bring back visitors who bounced from your store.
– Increase customer retention by 10X times.
– Establish authority & influence visitors by leveraging customer reviews, ratings, and Q & A.


It’s never too late to prepare your eCommerce store through the busiest holiday season of the year “Black Friday Cyber Monday”. The best way to ensure digital buyers can find your eCommerce store is to market it well: find your audience, get in touch with them and make sure they come back for their next order.

“The brands that are winning are the ones that understand and own the fundamental interplay between experiential and transactional eCommerce interactions.”— Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing at Google, Canada.

Whether your business is huge or small – financing, equipment, material, talent, and experience alone aren’t adequate to prevail without a steady stream of shoppers to your store. We’ve all heard the stories and seen the websites making millions and they look very amateur. Although though their look isn’t good, these eCommerce sellers succeed when offering their best to provide exotic experiences to their customers throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Online retailers need to track visitor activity as soon as they hit their websites.

It’ll always depend on how you navigate the interplay in the online worlds, how you — the brand — interlock customers and products. More importantly by engaging instantly, you will be able to enhance your brand, increase consumer confidence, convert more business, encourage repeat purchases and referral rates will be exponential. Be innovative. Use hyper-personalization to drive a more intricate, relevant and tailored customer journeys to build shopper loyalty and increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Remember, with ever-evolving customer expectations and innovative technology advancing all the time, there are always more opportunities to develop and modernize eCommerce strategies.

By integrating predefined proven eCommerce marketing strategies, you can streamline your processes, unlock the untapped potential of your webstore, be more targeted and boost your sales by achieving an effective and user-friendly on-store experience.

As a digital business owner, there is a lot to be gained by leveraging the right marketing strategies on your eCommerce websites. Are you ready?