What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a fast-paced, competitive application that is built on the SaaS provider’s server and can be accessed over the internet on-demand. This eliminates the need to download it locally. Customer expectations have evolved with the enhancements of AIaaS products. It could be a little tricky to use it initially but, you will like it being fast, easy to use, and intuitive. Both Machine Learning (ML) and AI in SaaS have disrupted the technological world. As per Harvard Business Review, the companies using AI SaaSproducts would outpace the competition and eventually capture the industry.

Understanding AI SaaS Products and Their Growth

Given the usage of AI and Machine Learning in predictive analysis, pattern recognition, AI in SaaS companies enabled exponential growth and understanding customer behavior (or behavior) and interpret customer actions better. Thus AIaaS companies are in a better position to interpret any forms of data (be it the cause and effect of the web traffic, revenue recovery from an abandoned cart, or new product arrival-led sale or coupon or price drop alert based sales or store purchase) when compared with their other saas competitors. suggests that AI spending will be double by 2024 – this means that the company not using AI right now, will implement it very soon.

Who Should use AIaaS Systems?

The companies that are reluctant to build their own cloud, ai web services, AIaaS systems, should use services from AIaaS companies., ai driven saas platform gets the chance to take advantage of insightful data without needing a massive up-front investment on resources or even talent. Like any other enterprise SaaS product, AIaaS focuses on the core business, minimalizes risk on investment with increased data gain, and cost-effectiveness.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of AIaaS Products

Most SaaS products require massive capital, to begin with. However, there is a distinct drawback that you can’t ignore. But first, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you will get by using AI-driven SaaS platforms;

What You will Get from AIaaS Products?

AiSaaS explained with many AiSaaS ideas, following are the benefits of AIaaS products:

#Cost-effectiveness & Automation: Without a doubt, successfully launching machine learning and AI requires speedy Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), and lots of parallel machines. Unfortunately, companies back down from AI and machine learning because the ongoing upkeep is a little too much on their budget. But now, with AIaaS, enterprises can harness the full potential of machine learning at a significantly lower cost than before. Meaning, companies can now continue working on their core business without spending money on areas that require support. With AiTrillion’s rich AI and SaaS platform (aka a full-service digital marketing agency for 1000s+ Shopify Store Owners globally), you can save up to 96% on your recurring monthly billing and 25% on your yearly billing while enjoying and leveraging 11+ integrated sales and marketing automated modules in all-in-one eCommerce marketing platform or eCommerce marketing software or eCommerce marketing app.

#Flexibility: AIaaS comes with a lot of flexibility. Typically, that’s because you pay for what you use. Even though machine learning and AI require a lot of computing power, you will only need it in short bursts of time. That means you don’t have to be running AI throughout the day.

#Scalability & Support: With the AI SaaS platform, you can quickly start with small projects. And as your business and knowledge grow, you can easily tweak your services while scaling up or down depending on the demand change in your business. Also, Digital Assistants are a great example of 24X7 support provided by AiSaaS products.

#Personalization & Relevance: Based on the customer’s journey and usage data, AI can predict the next action and share relevant personalized details to each customer with focused, segmented email campaigns e.g., emails on specific product recommendations and newly-arrived products or notify customers when the out-of-the-stock product is re-filled. Also, segmenting your customer’s data automatically based on their usage as highly active users, medium active users, inactive users, uninstalled, installed users help you to focus targeted efforts by knowing who are the top customers providing 80% of revenue and how we can engage with them better through cross/upsell or bringing them to a higher-priced plan to maximize revenue.

Challenges You are Likely to Face with AIaaS

#Lower transparency: This might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s true. When dealing with AI SaaS products, you purchase the service and not the product. In some cases, you only get to know the input and the output data. But in a true sense, you don’t know what the SaaS product is doing. That could easily lead to confusion regarding the stability of the output and the data. With, you receive1:1 onboarding sessions, unlimited support over email, chat, free and unlimited knowledge articles, how-to video guides, insightful blogs, and online product learning or resource center/training tutorials.


Hands down! AI SaaS products drive companies and consumers to a whole new level of interaction- one where companies are more efficient and attentive to customers. More importantly, this tech inspires disruptive SaaS to help scale human-like products previously not scalable. We expect AIaaS companies to flourish in the markets to come.

Should you have any queries/ideas on how the AISaaS platform is driving businesses for better customer experience while boosting sales and conversion, talk to us.

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