Top 6 eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 to Boost Conversion

With every passing day, the world is changing, and so should your marketing strategies. With ever-changing trends and the interests of the general public, it is imperative to revamp your marketing strategies accordingly. Being B2B or D2C sellers/business owners or eCommerce store owners, this makes you capable of taking the lead in the long run. Customers like to opt for innovative businesses that stay competitive no matter what the trend is and always be in vogue.  

Engaging marketing techniques are the key ingredient in building a large audience, and so many eCommerce businesses are thriving to employ different marketing schemes. You need to try out and experiment with many different trends to figure out the suitable one for your business. Here are some of the key eCommerce marketing trends or prevalent and emerging digital marketing trends that will be dominating in 2022:

1 | Factual Advertisement

First things first, your advertisement should not only be catchy, but at the same time, it must be informative, providing a distinct bird’s eye view of your business rather than being a mere clickbait type content. Pay-per-click marketing (aka PPC Advertising) is one of the most widely used paid advertisements. It is the best example of a bang for your buck. To put it simply, you have to pay a tiny amount to your advertising platform every time your ad is clicked. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are two famous sites. Native Video and Text ads, Remarketing ads are some of the popular ads that ecommerce businessowners/online or offline retailers can use to promote their products and services when they leave their website with/without taking any actions.

2 | Content Marketing

Content marketing is now a widely popular tool to generate a mass audience. Build yourself a platform that reaches out to people, persuading them to visit your website. You can do this by making social media pages and writing blog posts related to your business. This type of content should not be a manipulative ad in any sense. Rather, your content should comprise facts, statistics, and informative text and videos. Speaking of videos, people of all ages enjoy catchy videos more than text and therefore benefit from the world’s second largest search engine, Youtube! Link your website at the end of every social media or blog post so that people immediately hop on to discovering your business. Email marketing also plays a huge role in generating sales. By using dozens of different social media platforms, you can attract people of all ages and colors to your business. 

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3| Affiliate Marketing/Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing or Influencer Marketing is a very popular tactic that greatly increases sales. It works by involving two or more parties whilst benefitting both. An affiliate earns a commission by marketing and selling another person’s products. Affiliates are paid through many different marketing structures such as pay per sale, pay per click, and pay per lead.

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4 | Transparent Layout

After seeing your advertisement, the interested audience will land on your website, and this is where the game begins. The first impression is not the last but should be matchless nevertheless. Your website layout, for example, matters a lot. Consider revamping your website layout and transforming it into an aesthetic and vibrant one, if it is not already. Your website should be user-friendly, having a brief and excellent explanation of your goals, motto, terms and conditions, and products.

Yet out from your website, any factor harboring doubt, especially hidden charges. Your website should provide intricate details of product charges, shipment fees, taxes, or any other additional charges. Customers consider unexpected charges popping out of nowhere at the time of checkout as a big red flag.

5 | User-Generated Content (UGC)

Here is a bittersweet fact; your audience tends to believe other users more than you. Always build a complete portion of user-generated product reviews, ratings, and comments. This helps build trust, and any interested audience seeing good reviews of other customers would have peace of mind buying from you.

6 | Impressive Buyer Experience

Buyer experience is what decides whether your customers will visit again or not. An easy buying experience is the most impressive one. Make it easy by being more engaging, offering your advice, readily answering any queries, giving freebies, or any other attractive tool. Make your customers feel welcome by immediately answering their confusions. This is the key approach towards human-centric marketing. You can do this by using either hired professionals or artificial intelligence. An awesome shopping experience is also dependent on an easy payment experience. Make your checkout procedure short and simple. Also, make sure to include different payment methods like digital currency and bank transfers to accommodate the interests of a wider audience. Social Shopping is another hot trend where you can easily target your customers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest by showing them relevant products and promos (e.g., new arrival, discount/sales coupon, birthday month special promo with discounts).

“It has been found that  60% of Instagram users find new products and among them 75% take action”.

Also, it allows your shoppers to click, buy and share the good news of shopping with other networked shoppers present on those social media channels, such as Instagram Galleries.

E-Commerce Digital Media Marketing Trends: Statistics

“As per Statista, in 2020, the retail eCommerce sales worldwide have a total of 4.28 trillion US dollars and are expected to grow up to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022″. 


Exceptional marketing is what it takes for any business to soar the limits of success. You can achieve that by employing several very easy techniques of digital media marketing trends (also known as ecommerce marketing trends) mentioned above and making your business stand out of the pack. 

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