Every year October opens the door to floodgates, bringing lots of surprises and new opportunities for sellers. This special time of year also gives email marketers the opportunity to put their email marketing campaign strategy in front of customers.

Despite how your customers plan to spend this holiday, there are various ways email marketing campaigns can be used to engage with customers-you just need automation and personalization.

These 10 email marketing campaign ideas can show you where to start.

1 | Use spooky theme colors of the season 

Don’t sit empty-handed even if your products don’t directly relate to any specific holiday. You can still combine holiday themes to sell your product and services. Find inspiration from the quintessential colors of the festivals and share festive messages to engage your subscribers. 

For example,

  • showcases the bright color product line in your holiday email 
  • keep call-to-action (CTA) simple, with black and orange color. 
  • visually evoked the holiday spirit, while keeping the copy of the email short and sweet. 

2 | Use Personalization in your holiday emails

The holidays open the door to building relationships with your brand community and target audience. Use your customers’ past shopping experience to initiate your conversations— add the essence of personalization(touch not just sales).

Simply put, bring your brand to life by highlighting the people behind it and using holidays as your bridge of communication to create personal connections. 

Many brands share offers on their best-selling products, discount coupons on last buying products, price drop in an email, and so on.

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3 | Combine holiday emails with a loyalty rewards program

These days the loyalty rewards program is on the top of the head of the sellers. They are using it promptly for promoting their services and increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is key to retaining your most active customers and turning them into advocates.

On the basis of what you know about your audience, your holiday email could play in their interests and use widely announced events like a hook.

Don’t only plan your email campaigns for big festivals like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and others. Sending email campaigns on the country or even region-wise festivals is also a great way to connect with your audience

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4 | Create a sense of urgency one-day sale

Your email marketing campaign can steer your end-of-season products to their retail inventory. Add a sense of urgency by adding CTA with the text” few hours left”, “get-it-before-it’s-gone sale”. 

For example: If you are selling winter boots, give your campaign a name like a season’s most fashionable trends. Add HD images of products in your holiday email to promote fall-inspired boots and touted that it was their subscribers’ last chance to buy the seasonal designs.

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5| Create custom email signup forms.

Use AiTrillion’s simple form builder to create an engaging form with multiple fields that fit perfectly on the brand and bring in the required data you need from your audience. There are custom fields available to collect detailed information from your customers and leverage that data to craft personalized emails. 

6| Use email marketing templates to recommend products 

Do you sell blankets? Or products made from sustainably grown raw material? Are your beauty products filled with all-natural ingredients that’ll get rid of even the deepest of crow’s feet? 

Use new year holiday email campaigns to share the unique qualities of your products—the things that make them truly beneficial to your customers.

If you sell personal grooming products, educate your subscribers about a holiday-appropriate ingredient in your products by including customer reviews and a cheeky joke.

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7| Consider how your products can translate to holiday decorations

“The National Retail Federation forecasted that this year’s winter holiday spending will see an increase between 8.5% and 10.5% over 2020, which is expected to be between $843.4 billion and $859 billion”.

That means even after the deadly outbreak of Covid-19, customers spent huge amounts on online shopping. Add a festive touch ( theme, color, flavor) in their home, their pet, or even their food and beverages as they take part in the festivities. 

Think of the creative ways your products can help your subscribers decorate or dress up and use your holiday email campaign to share your well-researched ideas.

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8| Use email marketing to promote formerly popular products

Use an email marketing campaign to bring past product lines back to life for a one-time holiday promotion. This helps you clear your inventory in the holiday season. Add your customer review next to the product image, as it helps in building trust among customers. 

9 | Highlight your brand in every email

Whether you’re welcoming new contacts or introducing your products, you can highlight your business to look good in just a few clicks. With more than 11+ features to choose from AiTrillion, you can connect with customers based on how they interact with your holiday email marketing campaigns

10| Show what customers are looking for!

Use subscriber data within holiday email content to make the content feel tailor-made for the individual. Segment subscriber’s data to send hyper-personalized content, and product recommendations to your loyal customers. 

Data like frequent buying products, last purchased product, order value, and other details help you to know more about your customers and design interaction-based campaigns for your specific set of customers.

Use email marketing as a chance to build relationships ahead of the holiday

Holiday emails are not formulaic. You can email your clients whatever you’d like: funny, informative, entertaining. Just remember that this is the time of the year when businesses will be trying to sell their products and services, so this is a time to forge customer relationships with shopify email marketing that’ll help you reach your goals in the holiday season.

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