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The Shopify apps marketplace is filled with thousands of eCommerce marketing apps. As a result, it is challenging to choose the right fit for your needs. Every business has different goals, different requirements, and different objectives. So, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find a fully fitted platform.

We are quite sure that in this buzzy Shopify app marketplace you are struggling to choose the best deal for your business. So, we decided to make it easier for you to choose a data-driven, result-oriented, and ROI driven platform.

Many Shopify sellers turn to Klaviyo, Loyaltylion, Yotpo, Pushowl, Visely for eCommerce marketing. However, what turns them away is the exasperation of handling multiple apps along with a heavy monthly invoice.

Handling individual apps for a single feature is very daunting that’s the reason AiTrillion came upfront with the power of 11+ must-have applications for eCommerce business in a single platform. AiTrillion helps you in:

• Optimize your store speed

 AiTrillion helps you remove multiple app dependencies by solely doing the work of the various apps.

• “One” customer support

Configuring multiple apps and contact with multiple support is very troublesome.  We at AiTrillion offer 24X7 customer support irrespective of your pricing plan.

• Integration – Our features talk internally

Our 11+ features are integrated with each other. You can assign loyalty points if website visitors allow access to push or give a review. You can also show a product recommendation popup when visitors are about to leave the store.

• Data Security “your data is important, keep it safe”

Using multiple apps means sharing your customer’s data to every platform that can also cause data breaches. If you use AiTrillion, you don’t need to share all your data individually, this protects your data from misuse and securely stores your data on the AWS server.

Challenges Shopify eCommerce Stores Faces

• Delivering an omnichannel customer experience

Find out which channels are most important to your customers, integrate and optimize those channels, add personalized messages, and offer one-to-one interaction with live chat.

• Proper tracking of all marketing channels

In a competitive environment, it is necessary to keep an eye on all the corners of the market. Tracking the channels that give you actual perk is a must otherwise you will leave the money under the table. Carry out research and make your marketing strategies accordingly.

• Segment visitors

Create result-driven segmentation from various lists that allow you to send personalized messages to the right person at the right time. This will help boost your own sales while helping your customers find the preferred products. With AiTrillion you can use 70+ segment fillers to sort your customer’s list.

• Shopping cart abandonment

According to Statista, the average cart abandonment rate across all categories stands at 77%. You’ll be amazed to know that $2.75 trillion is potentially recoverable as per the study. With AiTrillion, Shopify merchants can find out exactly where their buyers are dropping off and can craft a strategy to reach them directly.

• Maintaining customer loyalty

Customer loyalty bumps almost every metric that is important to running a business. Without happy customers, the business won’t survive. Customer loyalty programs are proven practices for growing and sustaining business in the competitive market. It plays a vital role in building up customer loyalty and their experience with the brands and ultimately takes you to the new heights of success.

With AiTrillion you can reward your customers based on 16 activities rules.

AiTrillion is a complete suite of all eCommerce marketing apps. As it is a self-sufficient platform,  you don’t need separate apps for Loyalty Program, Product Review, Email Marketing, Web Push Notification, and Product Recommendation.

Let’s begin the comparison

AiTrillion vs. Loyaltylion: A Feature Comparison

Successful loyalty programs are proven practices for growing and sustaining business in the competitive marketplace. Loyaltylion is definitely worth it. But Shopify sellers are just not interested in engaging customers through loyalty programs. They are looking for more. Something that can target and retain customers through different angles.

Fortunately, we have AiTrillion to help you engage customers with 11+ different touchpoints at a price cheaper than Loyaltylion.


AiTrillion Loyalty Program is Different!

  • Give points if customers leave a review.
  • Give points on the Facebook share at thankyou popup.
  • Give points when customers allow for push notification.
  • Automatic email triggers based on loyalty points.
  • Advanced widget to display current point status on a page, snippets, separate refer a friend popup widget, and many more.
  • Measure the number of customers you have retained over a certain time period (a year, a quarter, etc.)
  • Exclusive offers and bonuses for tier customers.
  • Fully supported Shopify POS for a loyalty program
  • Create a separate loyalty reward page
  • Automatically expire loyalty points of the customers when they don’t place an order for the time period set by the seller.


AiTrillion LoyaltyLion
Loyalty Rewards Engagement Rules
Make a purchase Y Y
Create an account Y Y
Visit store Y Y
Buy $X get Y Points Y N
On X orders get Y points Y N
Happy birthday Y Y
Review product Y Y
Follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Y Y
Share on facebook Y Y
Refer a friend Y Y
Give points on push access Y N
Share on FB thankyou page Y Y
Rewards to Customers
Money off Y Y
Percentage discount Y Y
Free shipping Y Y
Free product(voucher) Y Y
Product discount(voucher) Y Y
Other Features
Report and analytics  Y Y
Customer tier system Y Y
Loyalty points expiration Y Y
Automated workflow emails / push Y N
Segment customers based on activities performed Y Y
Email marketing based on loyalty points Y Y
Custom loyalty popup  Y Y
Custom loyalty page Y Y


Loyalty Rewards Integration AiTrillion LoyaltyLion
Email marketing Y N
Product Reviews Y N
Web push notifications Y N

AiTrillion has 6 reward types through which owners can incentivize their customers.


Customers Engaged


Loyalty Points Assigned

Great app for increasing conversions and the support is fast! Would recommend if you need a little something extra for your site.


~ Zero Waste Outlet 

AiTrillion vs. Yotpo: A Feature Comparison

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform, an expert in handling customer reviews with a complex pricing structure. AiTrillion on the other hand provides a combination of all must-have Shopify apps at just a starting price of $7.

Now it’s easy to collect more genuine reviews and build strong bonds with the customers.


AiTrillion Product Reviews allow you:

  • Collect reviews with post-purchase emails, web push, forms, and popups.
  • Provides exclusive widgets to showcase your reviews on your store.
  • Access to customize your review setting. You can edit color, font, and number of reviews on one page based on your preference.
  • Send automatic reminder emails to your customers with the product image of the last purchase. You can also add some incentives to encourage them to leave a review.
  • Question/Answer feature to allow customers to directly ask a question to the store owner, eliminating third-party interference. 
  • Collect reviews via in-mail and landing page.
  • Share reviews on social media platforms to build trust.
  • Use rich snippets and product review galleries to promote your products.
  • Showcase your bestseller product review wherever you want with the help of exclusive shortcodes.


AiTrillion Yotpo
Product Review Product reviews Y Y
Site reviews Y Y
Question & Answer Y Y
In email review form Y Y
Import product reviews Y Y
Automatic email review requests & reminders Y Y
Offer loyalty points on verified reviews Y N
Schedule review emails Y Y
Review page Y Y
Reviews button Y Y
Reviews carousel Y Y
Rich snippet  Y Y
Advanced dashboard Y Y
Customer timeline integration Y N
Advance Review popup  Y N


Product Review Integration AiTrillion Yotpo
Email marketing Y N
Smart popup Y N
Loyalty program  Y N

I’m using this app for a few months now and really enjoying it. A lot of great functions in there. Also, the loyalty program is awesome.


~ Extremelook 

AiTrillion vs. Klaviyo: A Feature Comparison

Klaviyo is a complete platform for email marketing. But with the emerging needs, Shopify sellers are looking for advanced solutions. Shopify merchants who used Klaviyo for email marketing requirements are now pulling their eCommerce store out of it. And the reason is of course minimum features and high cost.

In this competitive world, it is necessary to have tools that can fit your requirements without burning money. Fortunately, AiTrillion is here for you and turns out to be the best Klaviyo alternative.

Let’s dive a bit deeper. AiTrillion offers:

  • Welcome emails to greet your shoppers and introduce your brand right after signup.
  • Set an automated series of emails for cart abandonment, which includes the product images.
  • Send automated win-back email series to the customers who haven’t visited your store for the last 30 or 60 days. Send them good offers to reactivate them.
  • Post-purchase email series to engage your customers.
  • Send targeted campaigns, pull in product recommendations, and other dynamic data to personalize each campaign.
  • Predefined email templates.
  • Use behavioral triggers to deliver the right message to the right person and at the right time.
  • Schedule emails for preferred times and triggers when your customers are active.
  • Send an automatic email series to all your customers who reached “X” loyalty points in your store and remind them to redeem the points before they expire.


Customers Engaged


Audience Tracked

We just started with Aitrillion. A few problems were handled very professionally and quickly. Programs work well and we are looking forward to a good future with Aitrillion. Keep up the good work.


~ Insect Sales.com

Best Segmentation and Targeting

AiTrillion separates segments for better understanding. 

The most simple ways in which businesses segment their customers are:

  • Demographic (age, gender, religion, sect, family size, family size, and more)
  • Geographic (location and where they work)
  • Psychographic (social class, lifestyle) and
  • Behavior (spending, consumption, habits, and more).

AiTrillion offers Robust segmentation with 70+ filters to divide your customers precisely.

Best Automation Workflows

AiTrillion has amazing workflow automation, you can use conditional splits and trigger splits to create advanced workflows that are highly targeted to your subscribers.

With AiTrillion email automation, you will be able to:

  • Pre-built 11 workflow templates that need to be set up only once.
  • Send automated integrated welcome emails when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter or creates an account on your site.
  • Allow behavioral triggers, like abandoning a cart, browsing a certain product category, etc.
  • Feature rich drag and drop workflow editor to automate your email to keep your audience engaged, and drive revenue.

Feature Comparison Table

AiTrillion Klaviyo
Email Marketing Drag and drop email editor Y Y
Segmentation & filters Y Y
Pre-built email templates Y Y
Send bulk emails Y Y
Email scheduling Y Y
Pre-built workflows templates Y Y
Send loyalty based emails automatically Y N
Send review based emails automatically Y N
Custom audience and targeted emails Y N
Customer timeline integration Y N
Product recommendations Y Y
Workflow Automation Post-purchase workflow Y Y
Welcome workflow series Y Y
Newsletter followup email Y Y
Product up-sell Y Y
Replenishment reminder Y N
Purchase follow up Y N
Customer reactivation Y N
Abandoned cart series Y Y
Loyalty point reminder Y N
Win back email series Y Y
Browse abandonment Y Y


Email Marketing Integration AiTrillion Klaviyo
Web push notifications Y N
Smart popup Y N
Loyalty program  Y N
Recommendation product  Y N

We installed this app to get rid of all the extra apps we have used to run our store. This app has everything you need plus. The customer service department is fast,friendly, and very helpful. We couldn’t ask for a better app!


~ Sleek Ambiance Hair Boutique

AiTrillion vs. Pushowl: A Feature Comparison

PushOwl is a push notification platform for eCommerce stores. It only offers push notification and few other features to enhance the functionality. On the other hand, AiTrillion offers a wide basket of eCommerce marketing automation services.

AiTrillion web push notification feature allows you to:

  • Send web push notifications for new arrival alerts, welcome visitors, abandoned cart campaigns, and new events.
  • Send push notifications to remind customers about their points that might expire soon.
  • Schedule push notification based on preferred date and time.
  • Push notification widgets; browser prompt and flyout widget
  • Send push notifications containing the information of loyalty points that customers will get in exchange for telling their friends about you.
  • Push notifications to announce your upcoming sales. Perfect for BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday)
  • Send push notification campaigns to bring back your store visitors or upsell more products.
  • Back in stock push for notifying customers about the product they are looking for.
  • Send drop-in price popups to motivate your customer for the purchase.
  • Send notification to the well-targeted segments. We offer 70+ filters of segmenting your customers.
  • Send notification in the native language
  • Create a series of automated push notifications to nurture your user to convert them into loyal customers.
  • Track complete reports of web push notifications such as total sent, total impression, click rate, placed order, and total revenue. 
  • Send web push notifications to those who haven’t opened your email.
  • Test push notification to check the settings and visual display of the web push.

I have to say that this is a definitive MUST-HAVE!! It’s a real all in one period. I started using it and just starting you can see that you can easily start removing apps from your store because this have it all.


~ Parts4Cabinets

Feature Comparison

Web Push Notification Feature AiTrillion Push Owl
Send a manual push. Y Y
Push scheduling. Y Y
Welcome push notification Y Y
Abandoned cart push Y Y
Schedule push Y Y
Back in stock Y Y
Price drop Y Y
Push widget Y Y
Send test notifications before proceeding Y Y
Loyalty points for allowing push opt-in Y Y
Automatically sync subscriber’s data Y Y
Instant subscriber report Y Y
Push templates Y N
Multi language notification  Y Y


Web Push Notification Integration AiTrillion Pushowl
Email marketing automation Y N
Smart popup Y N
Loyalty program  Y N
Recommendation product  Y N

AiTrillion vs. Visely: A Feature Comparison

Visely Product Recommendations is a Shopify app designed for product recommendations. Visely is considered very expensive. They do not have any free plan. On the other hand, AiTrillion offers AI-driven hyper-personalized product recommendations. It helps in raising the store’s average order value by displaying upsell and cross-sell products on your product and cart pages. 

AiTrillion is user-friendly and provides the power of 11+ actionable touchpoints at a very affordable price. Not to forget, AiTrillion also offers free plan for our new sellers.

AiTrillion’s product recommendation allows you:

  • Build a personalized experience for your customers with customizable recommendation widgets.
  • Widgets are available on home, collection, product details, blog, and cart pages.
  •  Help buyers discover your products by showcasing exactly what they want based on:
    1. New Arrivals
    2. Trending Products
    3. Recent View
  • Use multiple sources like product images, user behavior, SEO snippet, and purchase history.
  • Add profoundly contextual up-sell products on the Shopify checkout steps.
  • By default, you can show product recommendations in the footer of selected pages. If you want to show product recommendations at any other place you need to put the shortcode available in the system. You can also show reviews in the product recommendation section.
  • AiTrillion’s product recommendation feature is integrated with email marketing, popups, and other modules.

Feature Comparison

Feature AiTrillion Visely
In-store recommendations Y Y
Personalized recommendations in email Y N
Real-time analytics dashboard Y Y
Customizable recommendation widgets.  Y Y
Product tags based recommendations Y Y
Image-based recommendations Y Y
New arrivals Y Y
Trending product Y Y
Recently viewed Y Y


Product Recommendation Integration AiTrillion Visely
Web push notifications Y N
Smart popup Y N
Email marketing automation Y N


Customers Engaged


Audience Tracked

Summing Up

Regardless of how you want to go about your marketing for the Shopify store, choosing the right platform is vital for your success. By knowing the pros and cons of all app providers, you can choose the best fit for you.

it’s up to you to shape up your customer’s journey with real-time multi-enabled engaging features and prediction analytics with actionable insights to build everlasting loyalty of the customers.

With AiTrillion, you can close sales through robust automated marketing and implement targeted predefined eCommerce strategies. We offer many benefits for your eCommerce store, saves money while increasing your sales and conversion rates.

AiTrillion offers 24/7 live chat and email support.

A Glimpse of AiTrillion

AiTrillion is a SaaS-based all-in-one eCommerce marketing platform, to boost customer engagement and retention with automation. It provides exclusive actionable analytics on your data with 11+ actionable touchpoints to engage your customers and increase sales.  Some of the key features include email marketing, loyalty rewards programs, web push notifications, product reviews, smart popups, chatbot, announcement bar & product recommendations.

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