What’s one of the toughest challenges to selling online? Customer engagement, customer retention. No, it’s making your customer spend more on your store.

You can start to understand your customers’ needs through Data Enrichment Analytics Report, make sure your store has the right online tools by choosing a quality eCommerce platform like AiTrillion, and conquer sales marketing with… well, there are many excellent ideas that will not only engage & retain your customers but also make them spend more when they land on your store.

Using the right marketing platform will get customers to spend 10 times more than their normal spending habits by giving them extra points when they spend a certain amount (Tier System). So how does this rule benefit you?

How does Loyalty Tier System Work?

The AiTrillion Loyalty Program is a perfect tool for online retailers who need an easy DIY for their store. This rule will allow you to reward extra points to your customers when they spend above a particular threshold (amount). For example, you can reward your customers 2 times (2X) as many points when they spend more than say- $500 in your shop. If you set your multiplier to be 2X, a customer who is supposed to get 500 points will now get 1000 points when they meet your $1000 spending threshold. In the same vein, a 3X multiplier offers 1500 points, and so on.

Following the example above, a customer who spends up to $450 in your store would like to buy more things worth up to $50, just so they can redeem the double points you are providing. It gingers customers to spend more and boost your revenue.

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Here are Some Advantages

With more and more eCommerce stores opening every year, you need to keep an edge over your competition. A tiered loyalty program that offers awesome benefits can help you break the tie against your competitors and win customers’ repeat business. Building a loyalty program in order to excite your customers is not easy, but AiTrillion has your back.

Attract, Engage & Retain Customers

You always need good bait to catch more fish, right? Likewise, AiTrillions’s loyalty program is just a perfect fishing bait that will motivate your new customers to spend more and more in your store- by giving them double and triple points when they spent more on your store. Tier systems perpetuate retention by offering gradual increases in rewards with increased customer loyalty.

Serves as your Store’s Referral Tactic

Giving your customers 2X points when they spend more money on your store through the tier loyalty system will not only motivate them to spend more on your store but also will ginger them to refer their friends and family. It can be a good game plan to engage and draw new customers to your store.

Build a Long-term Relationship with your Customers

Relationship building has always been a holy grail, right? But now with the AiTrillion’s loyalty program, your customers don’t have to go to you & your competitor’s back and forth looking for good deals & products – when they know that you will provide them more for spending more!!

Get More Positive Reviews

You can also gravitate to new customers by integrating your loyalty program with Reviews. By giving loyalty points every time a customer writes on your store will not only get you more positive reviews but also will attract new customers to your store.

So why not outwit your competitors and outreach your customers now?