Sending push notifications is the easiest way to inform your customers and site visitors about any important information. It could be related to the product they have left behind in the cart or new offers, promotions, announcements, etc. It is not difficult to find tools to send push notifications. What’s difficult is finding out whether or not the tool you choose is right for your Shopify store.

While Pushowl only offers Push Notification and few other features to enhance the functionality, AiTrillion has taken it up a notch and unlike its counterparts, it offers a wide casket of services like loyalty rewards, push notifications, email marketing automation, product recommendation, affiliate marketing, announcement bar, smart popups, product review Shopify POS and others which otherwise would require a subscription to various platforms.



We came with the power of 11+ customer engagement touchpoints for your eCommerce business in one single platform. AiTrillion stands on pillars of integration, automation, and powerful analytics.

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Key Features

Cross integration –

AiTrillion web push notification is cross-connected with workflow automation, emails, loyalty program, and reviews to give you better results.

Win back your customers –

Now it becomes easier than ever to win back your customers with the power of push notifications.

  • Ensure higher check-out rates by sending an Abandoned cart push.
  • Inform customers about the drop in the price of their favorite products by sending price drop alert notifications.
  • Give customers inventory updates by sending back-in-stock web push notifications.
  • Shout out your offers like free shipping, discounts, rewards, and loyalty points, and ask for reviews by sending customized push notifications.

Ready-to-use templates –

In a hurry to send push notifications? It’s possible with AiTrillion web push notifications. We have created a beautiful gallery of templates to suit all your requirements.


Web Push Templates Shopify


Plan in advance –

No need to sweat at the last minute. Schedule your web notification for offers, new arrival, best-selling products, or festive greetings in advance. Repeat the same notifications multiple times through AiTrillion Scheduler.

Schedule Web Push in Shopify


Growth plan-

The growth plan is for the store to have 5000 or fewer customers. This plan also allows you to send 15X emails with other features for $49 per month.

Professional plan-

Use AiTrillion to the fullest with a professional plan for $99 per month.

Enterprise plan-

For stores with more than 10,000 customers, you can contact us to meet your specific requirements. Our support is entirely free and easy to connect to in case of queries.

What is Pushowl

PushOwl is a push notification platform for e-commerce stores. Currently focusing on eCommerce stores built on Shopify. The platform comes with inbuilt automation for abandoned cart recovery, shipping alerts, back-in-stock, price drop, and more. Moreover, you can connect, PushOwl to third-party apps, and extend the use of push notifications.

Pushowl offers 500 impressions per month in the free plan, whereas AiTrillion gives 2000 impressions per month. You can leverage the power of 11+actionable touchpoints at just minimum charges of $19 per month.

Around-the-clock availability of support team, expert advice to grow your Shopify store, free setup, and providing all the different elements of marketing under one roof differentiates AiTrillion from Pushowl.

AiTrillion provides the power of integration with different types of push notifications+ ready-to-use templates+ send Notifications in native language+ creative widgets+ 70+ filters to send notifications to well-targeted segments + a dashboard to view the complete report and other 11+ features under one roof.

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Quick feature comparison table




Integration Email marketing automation Y Pushowl only provides web push notifications
Smart popup Y Pushowl only provides web push notifications
Loyalty program  Y Pushowl only provides web push notifications
Web Push Notification Manual push Y Y
Push scheduling Y Y
Welcome push notification Y Y
Abandoned cart push Y Y
Schedule push Y Y
Back in stock Y Y
Price Drop Alert Y Y
Push widgets Y Y
Send test notifications before proceeding Y Y
Loyalty points for allowing push opt-in Y Y
Automatically sync subscriber’s data Y Y
Instant subscriber report Y Y
Multi-language notification  Y Y

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