For the past few months, we have accelerated and focused on modifying our user’s most favorite module “Loyalty Program”. Till now we have assigned  66.99B+ loyalty points to customers and engaged 3.46M+ online sellers.

According to a study, “The global loyalty management market was valued at USD 3226.76 million in 2019, and is expected to reach a value of USD 11442.24 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 23.3% over the forecast period.”

This number could be a significant push to start with the Loyalty Program if you haven’t yet!

To support thousands of online store owners, we’ve made deep investments in both the Loyalty program dashboard and UI/UX. 

For those using the Loyalty Program, we’ve modified and enhanced almost every functionality of this feature to make it easy for our valuable users.

Some of the significant changes been done are:

– Clean & Better UI/UX

– Mobile responsive layout

– Self-explanatory dashboard

– More detailed reporting

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Do you want more revenue from

 your Shopify store?

We at AiTrillion cater to every aspect of the customer journey; from engagement, and conversion to retention at 55% less cost.

We have changed the complete information architecture.


Loyalty Program


New Loyalty Dashboard

Now under the Setup program, you will find the remaining options i.e Setup program, Display on Store, Settings, Members, and Analytics. Simply click on the Setup program.


To experience the magic sign up now!



 – Activity Rules is now “Earn Points”

 – Rewards is now “Redeem Points”

 – Tier System is now “VIP Program”

We have categorized Loyalty Rules to make them more understandable.

To give our users’ more sleek and easy to use access, we have changed the placing and UX of the rules’ settings. For example: previously our Loyalty Program’s activity rules looked like this.

Loyalty activities
Ways to earn

The idea behind this is to display all activities in a systematic manner so that store owners can use them more strategically.

As part of our continuous research and analysis in helping store owners to stay connected, and engaged with their customers, we adapted color methodology and easy navigation to offer an integrated experience. This integration will provide users with a single solution for all the marketing channels. 

Now our Loyalty Program users will have more clear visibility to customize the program based on their brand requirements.


As our long-standing customers, you already know you can offer the following rewards to your customers:-

  1. Money Off
  2. Percentage Discount
  3. Free Shipping
  4. Free Product
  5. Product Discount
  6. Exchange points on the cart page (Cart Widget Point)

Now, we have replaced this Screen with

Enhanced UI and user experience in VIP Program

AiTrillion unveiled a comprehensive VIP program (previously Tier System) to enhance the user experience and to re-emphasize the fun and engagement aspects of online customers while attracting and retaining more customers to the online store.

Being a Shopify expert, we felt it was our duty to ensure that all online customers should enjoy the VIP Program experience as much as possible. So, our product growth team decided to give a whole new look and feel to the VIP program.





More detailed reporting

As AiTrillion is known for one connected solution, we have added all the marketing features in one place, so users can easily use Loyalty Program along with email marketing, product review, web push notification, and other marketing apps to instantly connect with a person or group.





Article by

Ayush Verma

Ayush is the Head of Marketing at AiTrillion, that aims to simplify ecommerce marketing for online stores.
He has a special inclination towards loyalty marketing and customer advocacy. With a strong belief that great marketing always has content at its center.
You can reach out to him at:

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Ayush Verma

Like what we do?  Come work with us

Do you want more revenue from

 your Shopify store?

We at AiTrillion cater to every aspect of the customer journey; from engagement, and conversion to retention at 55% less cost.