Happy Holidays!

Now, make your holidays happier by boosting the sales of your Shopify Store…

The holiday season is shooting soon and everybody out there is up for shopping. So, what are you doing to grab people’s attention to your online store?

It’s high time to get your Shopify store noticed and grab the best opportunities this holiday season. It is the season of gifts, and getting goodies; basically a season for shopaholics, so let the people out there know what you have in your bag for them.

Email marketing is an ideal solution for announcing your lucrative products & services and deals to your customers. Email marketing is the task of sending a commercial message, particularly to a group of people, using email.

Isn’t it so simple!

Ofcourse, it is easy; yet tricky…

Email Marketing is a trending way for digital marketers to reach the target audience, and that’s what everyone is doing these days.

Engaging content, setting the group with the right target audience, and many more are some basic email marketing strategies. However, you have to do something different, or we can say you have to add your own spark to stand different from the crowd.

After following these unknown tips in the right way, your store sales will shoot high.

Take Your Emails Out from The Spam Box

There’s no benefit if your email shoots to customers’ spam boxes; it directly decreases the open rate of the email. So before stepping into email marketing; verify your domain name, use clean and simple email templates without a bunch of junk code, and make it easy to unsubscribe.

Furthermore, you can also personalize the recipient field, which makes it less likely for the email to go into the spam box. You can add a questionnaire in the email which encourages people to reply; which will decrease the rate of emails landing in the spam box.

Make Your Email Templates Mobile Friendly

These days, the first thing people do is check their emails via their mobile phones. Hence, it becomes pretty obvious that email opens well on mobile devices. Not just templates, no matter how fancy the template is, it won’t help if you make any mistake while setup. The wrong setup can make your emails non-readable on mobile devices; it can really crush your open rate.

Offer Deals and Discounts

The way you offer deals and discounts in your online store; similarly, you can offer discounts via email. The best part is when you offer a discount via email then it can be as personalized as you want. People tend to shop when they get personalized discounts from shop owners. You can check your analytics if someone has visited your ecommerce store multiple times then you can send them a personalized coupon code that can convince the audience to take action.

Analyze The Customer Behavior to Test Perfect Timing

It is one of the most unnoticed segments but yet important. You need to analyze the customers’ behavior so that you can check their active time. Once done you can shoot the mail in the time when your audience is most active. However, this strategy is more like test and try; so, if you are sending emails and not getting replies then timing can be an issue. So, it’s important to check the mail delivery timing.

Content Strategy

Content is very important when you send an email to someone. Of course, it should be engaging as if you are really having a conversation with the reader. However, before that you have to look for a short and crisp, yet descriptive subject line. Most importantly, address the reader as a single individual, as a friend, and by their first name. While writing content for email, always remember that you’re not speaking in front of a crowd, everyone opens their email individually.

These are the few tips that are unknown or you can say people unintentionally ignore them in email marketing, but these tips are really useful. I hope now you must have gained confidence to run an email marketing campaign.

However, if you run an online store on Shopify then you can do away from the hard work of email marketing and prepare for your holidays. Now, you must be thinking who’ll take care of the email marketing of your Shopify store.

All your worries will vanish as you can reach out to us.

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