No matter what the business has to say about the product or the promise they make through campaigns, consumers trust consumers. They need validation that comes from people like them. In fact, according to statistics, about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. 

That’s exactly why it is important for your online store to have a Shopify app for product reviews from day one.

But a good product reviews Shopify app isn’t one that just lets you display the reviews and ratings on your online store. It is one that equips you with features that also let you automate collecting reviews at key moments in the buyer’s journey, and also manage them well. 

To help you choose the best app for Shopify product reviews, we’re going to run a detailed comparison between Loox and AiTrillion in this article. 

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Best alternative to Loox for Shopify product reviews

In the below sections, we’re going to be running a detailed comparison between the two Shopify product review apps based on their feature set and pricing. 

Loox vs AiTrillion comparison: An overview

If you’re looking for a quick comparison between the two Shopify apps for product reviews, here’s a glimpse of the same: 

Feature  AiTrillion Loox
Product review requests
  • Automate review requests 
  • Collect feedback via emails, web push, popups
  • Automate review requests 
  • Collect feedback via email, web push and Messenger
Review collection
  • Create Q&A forms to collect reviews 
  • Does not include a Q&A form 
Review display widget
  • Product review gallery carousel
  • Review gallery slider
  • Page widget
  • Floating button
  • Product reviews popup
  • Review side bar 
  • Product review carousel 
Review management
  • Automated review alerts 
  • Select who can give answers to the question
  • Choose reviews you want to display 
  • Automated review alerts 
  • Choose reviews you want to display
SEO-optimization of reviews
  • SEO-friendly widgets
  • Display reviews on Google search results
  • Showcase reviews on shopping ads 
  • Product review syndication
  • SEO-friendly widgets 
  • Display reviews on search results and shopping ads 
Review rewards 
  • Set up custom rewards for product and photo reviews 
  • Automate review rewards 
  • Offer discounts for product and photo reviews 
  • Automate review rewards 
Review formats 
  • Text 
  • Photos 
  • Videos 
  • Text 
  • Photos 
  • Videos 
Customer insights 
  • Detailed customer data
  • Advanced customer segmentation 
  • Review-related insights and actionables 
  • Review-related insights 
  • Easy migration with bulk import from other review tools 
  • Seamless review migration 
Additional conversion features 
  • Includes conversion features like loyalty program, form builder, web push, email, live chat, announcement bar and more 
  • Explore all features here 
  • Includes only product review features 

Loox vs AiTrillion comparison: An in-depth comparison

If you’re looking at making a more detailed comparison, let’s look at the following sections to see what each of the product review apps have to offer. 

1. Ease of use 

The very first aspect you need to consider when choosing a product reviews app for your Shopify store, is the ease of use. The Shopify app should be easy to get started with and hence must include an intuitive dashboard interface that makes each of its features easily accessible and usable. 

The shorter the learning curve, the better it is. You can get started with collecting and displaying product reviews faster when you’re not spending hours figuring out how to set up the automations and widgets. 

Here’s a glimpse of the dashboard offered by AiTrillion; it keeps all the features you need clearly in-sight making it simple for you to explore and set them up: 

And here’s a glimpse at the dashboard Loox has to offer:

2. Product review requests 

Product reviews don’t come on their own. You will need to follow up with customers in a timely manner and at the key moments to get them to review their experience on your store or the purchase they have made. This is where using automations for sending out review requests comes into play. 

With AiTrillion, you can automate product review requests on email, web push notifications and on-site popups. It lets you also create a smart workflow to follow up on review request communication to stay on top of your consumer’s minds, making them more likely to submit their feedback. The good thing is that emails and web push notifications are a part of AiTrillion, hence it does not require using any other app or integrating with other marketing apps to send requests. 

Similarly, Loox allows you to automate product review requests post-purchase through emails, web push notifications and the Facebook Messenger. 

  1. Both the apps also let you send out manual product review requests on completed, cancelled, refunded and returned orders. 

PS. Both the apps also let you send out manual product review requests on completed, cancelled, refunded and returned orders.

3. Product review collection 

The thing about product reviews is that it gives the customer a free reign to talk about anything that’s on top of their minds. They may leave a review around the overall brand experience instead of the product purchase, making the review of little to no use for you to derive insights from. 

While Loox lets you automate the review requests across channels, AiTrillion actually helps you streamline the request process as well. It lets you set up a Q&A form to send alongside the review requests to give direction to the feedback customers submit. This allows you to ask specific questions to get better reviews on products. 

4. Product review management 

Not all reviews are the same. While some are positive, others are negative and some may end up being entirely irrelevant; that’s exactly why you need to ensure that the reviews displayed on your website are of value. 

Think of this as spam comment management on WordPress and how it allows you to choose the comments you want to display. 

AiTrillion comes with a powerful review management dashboard. It lets you view all the review requests sent across multiple channels, the reviews you receive and lets you choose the ones you want to display on the storefront. In addition to the same, it also lets you choose who you want to request emails from to be able to create a first level buffer. 

Loox too includes a feature for review management. It lets you view all the product reviews you have received and choose the ones you want to display on the website. 

5. Product review display widgets 

Collecting reviews is only step one of the process. 

For product reviews to start working their magic, you need to make them clearly visible as well as readable. This is where the review display widgets offered by the Shopify product reviews app comes into play. 

AiTrillion understands the importance of branding and the visual experience you deliver to your online store visitors. This is why it offers multiple types of product review widgets including a carousel, gallery slider, page widget and a floating button; each of which can be further customized to match the look and feel of your store. These widgets can be added anywhere on your website – homepage, product page, cart page, popups and more.  

Loox also comes with multiple display widgets including one you can add to the pages, carousel or a slider. These widgets can be customized as well to match your online store’s branding. 

6. Product review formats 

Some customers may want to submit only text reviews, while others may choose to also submit photos or videos of the purchase alongside. Either of the formats are of high value to your business, so it’s important to accept them all. 

AiTrillion supports text, photo and video product reviews. It offers an easy interface to your customers to submit reviews of any format and the widgets are able to automatically optimize to adjust the format a customer chooses to leave a review. 

Loox offers you the ability to collect and display product reviews in text and photo formats. Their widgets are able to auto-accommodate the two formats easily too. 

7. SEO-optimization 

Studies have found that about 60% of online shopping journeys start from the search engines. That’s why it is important for businesses to ensure their product reviews are also visible in the search results to capture consumer intent and attention at the right moment. 

AiTrillion’s product review widgets are easily indexable, making it easier for you to display the product reviews received in the search results. The Google rich snippets also make it possible for you to display photo product reviews in the search results and Google Shopping ads to use social proof to get more conversions. 

Loox’s product reviews are also search-friendly. They’re easily indexable by the search crawlers and can help you display them on search results as well as Google Shopping ads. 

8. Product review rewards 

When you request product reviews, you’re expecting customers to spend a certain amount of their time to leave you feedback. No matter how optimized your questions are, it still requires them to spend time on submitting the product review and hence the process needs to be more rewarding for them. 

AiTrillion includes a loyalty program feature that helps you easily offer rewards in the form of store credits, loyalty points or even discounts to customers who share product reviews. It does not require you to integrate with an additional app to offer rewards in lieu of reviews. 

Loox also lets you offer rewards in lieu of product reviews from customers. But to be able to create advanced rewards for different types of reviews, it may require you to integrate with a loyalty program app additionally. 

9. Analytics and reporting 

The product reviews you receive hold a lot of insights that come straight from your customers. But to be able to derive insights from your product reviews, you need a powerful analytics and reporting dashboard. 

Loox lets you see the number of review requests sent, the number of reviews received and also helps you classify them into positive and negative. This helps you analyse the overall sentiment of customers around your brand and products. 

Now AiTrillion gives you access to an advanced analytics and reporting dashboard. Apart from the review-related insights like that of Loox, it also additionally comes with customer and product analytics, that help you dive deeper into the experience you offer to customers across all segments. This helps you get a comprehensive view of how customers feel about your brand and optimize for better experiences. You can learn more about the advanced analytics here

10. Product review migration 

If you have been using another product review app or tool to collect and display reviews, you may require migrating to the two apps mentioned here. 

Incase you choose to use AiTrillion for product reviews, the app offers easy migration and also additional support to ensure you don’t lose any reviews or customers insights in the process. It also includes a bulk import feature that lets you upload your existing reviews in no time. This is why it is considered as one of the best alternatives to Loox as well! 

Loox also offers import of product reviews to their app if you have been making use of another tool so far. To get assistance in the migration, you may have to request the same from the app developers. 

11. Knowledge base 

A good Shopify product reviews app will ensure it has all the documentation in place to help you understand all its features and how to set them up. This includes help documentation, blogs, guides and how-to videos. 

In this case, both AiTrillion and Loox offer an extensive knowledge base to help you get started faster. You can also request more information on the features from the app developers incase you do not find the same in the help centers.

12. Integrations 

You may want to use your product reviews across multiple marketing efforts. That’s where having smart integrations comes in. 

Loox offers easy integration with the best Shopify apps in the ecosystem. From marketing to shipping and more, the app lets you easily integrate your efforts to make the most out of your product reviews. 

On the flip side, AiTrillion comes with all the important marketing features built-in. Right from emails to web push, and more, you will not require setting up an additional integration with Shopify apps. But at the same time, if you do wish to use an additional app in sync with your product reviews, the app developers can help you integrate with them easily. 

With AiTrillion, you can keep all your marketing efforts streamlined onto one dashboard, keeping your data secure as well as making it easy to derive insights from. It also additionally helps you save on app billing costs. You can explore them all here

13. Additional conversion features 

Loox is a product reviews Shopify app and hence includes features that help you automate the review requests, display the social proof and keep track of them. 

But AiTrillion is a comprehensive growth suite for Shopify stores. It comes with 11+ in-built features that are conversion-driven to reduce the need for installing multiple apps. This includes features like a form builder, popups, live chat, announcement bar, affiliate marketing, referrals and more. 

14. Customer support and success 

AiTrillion is built by ecommerce experts who understand the smallest of nuances of running an online business. Since the app comes with advanced features, they ensure you’re able to make the most of them by offering proactive customer support and success to users. The team works with you closely to understand your goals and objectives, and create a strategy that will get you more positive product reviews, and use them across other marketing efforts to make the most of them. 

Loox too is known for the customer support and success they offer to its users. 

Loox vs AiTrillion: Which Shopify product review app should you choose?

Product reviews don’t work in silos. 

If you want to make the most of the social proof you collect, you need to make them work across all channels. From the search engine to your website and other marketing efforts, product reviews can help boost conversions everywhere. 

So if you’re trying to choose the best Shopify product reviews app for your online store, we recommend going with AiTrillion. The app comes with an extensive feature set that does the job of 11+ apps, alongside the product reviews, streamlining your efforts and bringing everything onto one dashboard. 

That’s why AiTrillion is also one of the best alternatives to Loox for product reviews and is chosen by leading Shopify and Shopify Plus brands across the globe. 

Want to see how you can collect more product reviews for your Shopify store? 

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