In today’s competitive retail landscape, it’s more important than ever for fashion and apparel brands to find ways to stand out and retain customers. One effective strategy is to implement a customer loyalty program. These programs incentivize customers to keep coming back to your brand by offering rewards, discounts, and exclusive perks. However, not all loyalty programs are created equal.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some examples of loyalty programs used by top fashion and apparel brands and explore the unique features that make them successful. From simple points-based programs to more complex, tiered systems, we’ll see how different brands have tailored their loyalty programs to fit their specific target market and goals. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large multinational corporation, you’ll find inspiration and ideas for creating a loyalty program that works for your business.

Benefits of Implementing a Loyalty Program in the Fashion and Apparel Industry

  1. Increased customer retention: A loyalty program can help to increase customer retention by incentivizing customers to make repeat purchases. Customers who are enrolled in a loyalty program tend to be more loyal to a brand than those who are not, and this can help to boost sales in the long run.
  2. Enhanced customer engagement: Loyalty programs allow brands to engage with customers in a meaningful way. By offering rewards, discounts, and other perks, brands can build a deeper connection with customers and foster a sense of community.
  3. Better customer insights: A loyalty program can provide a wealth of data about customer preferences and purchasing habits. By analyzing this data, brands can gain valuable insights that can help to improve marketing and sales efforts. This data can also be used to create personalized offers, which can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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Loyalty program examples for fashion and apparel brands

1. Chubbies

Chubbies maintains the whole “weekend” theme on its loyalty program page. They offer reward points right from the onset, when someone joins the rewards program, with a $5+ off. The whole design is clean and streamlined, with a system of redeemable reward points given to customers for completing small doable actions.

These “Ways to earn points” range from actions like following the page on Instagram or writing a review. Chubbies also utilize the page in order to highlight new product collections. For example, they offer 50 points for the first purchase from the “Lounge Shorts Collection”. The point system and reward program are explained well below with the motto being “More Points=Better Deals”.

The brand loyalty program here is effective in encouraging purchases, with every dollar spent turning into reward points. The visually oriented approach tied together with a clever “Sign Up” button over the reward point images is a clever touch to nudge interested buyers towards the program.

Why This Works?

  • A slick, strategic, and doable reward system that makes it easy for the audiences to earn points and avail of its benefits. 
  • Simplified explanations of the reward program that initiates customers to it with reward points right from the onset. 
  • Makes customers feel each purchase contributes to their total rewards.

2. Good American

The clutter and complications of what they call an “obscure point system” are entirely done away with by the Fashion brand Good American. Their reward page opens up to a three-line summary of their program and then a very tempting “Join Now” CTA.

The strategy here is simple: appeal to the folks that don’t want any complicated reward system that requires too much effort. The brand deals in credit rewards that are sent directly into the customer’s account. Instead of the point system, here they give value to each purchase which brings the customer closer to being an exclusive customer, which will open up more perks.

They also offer referral rewards that help the brand reach wider audiences. Both the new customer and the one who refers the Brand to them get a $20 coupon. The referral system is explained well down below on the page and this strategy brings in newer customers with a desired chain reaction. 

Why This Works:

  • Clutter-free system of credits that deals directly with customers’ accounts.
  • Referral rewards can spread brand popularity among customers and their peers.
  • Bold and straightforward CTA that comes after a very well-constructed explainer about the reward program.
Fashion brand Good American

3. Knix

Knix is an intimate apparel brand that deals in reward points. They call the reward program members “Top Drawer Members” which creates the feeling of being in an exclusive insider program. 

Here too the CTA is directly followed by the “how it works” part that explains the way the reward point system operates and benefits customers. The customers are suggested actions that will earn them these reward points. There is also a referral system that rewards both the referrer and the new customer.

The VIP plan rewards customers based on their purchases, with more benefits the more they spend. This is particularly clever as to how the customers feel they are aptly rewarded whenever they are purchasing in larger amounts. These additional rewards vary from shipping benefits, birthday discounts, exclusive products, etc. all based on the customer’s annual spending.

Why This Works:

  • A reward point system that can be redeemed for cash.
  • Customers are made to feel a sense of exclusivity created by the title as well as the rewards.
  • An exclusive reward system based on the annual spending in the store opens up more perks and benefits to the buyers.

4. Musclenation

Muscle Nation is a fitness/gym apparel brand that uses a more tier-based sporty-themed approach to its loyalty programs. They work with what they call “Muscle Nation Points” in their VIP loyalty program that can be used up while purchasing anything from the store. 

The sporty aspect here comes from the way they divide the members of the program into 4 tiers and based on the ranking reap benefits.

The tiers are named “Member” at level one, then “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” on the next three levels. The points earned per dollar spent, and other benefits vary based on these levels, and the entry criteria to each level are based on a minimum spending amount.

The points are redeemed with a point slider. These little technical details help engage and hook customers and it goes well with the overall theme.

Why This Works:

  • A good theme-based Shopify loyalty program will strike a nice chord among its target audiences.
  • The breakdown into tiers creates a sense of accomplishment in the buyer’s journey through the reward program.
  • The Point Slider is a handy way to help customers redeem their accumulated points and avail of its benefits.



What UNTUCKit is going for is simple, but very effective and on point. Their loyalty program plays on the “referral reward” card, offering 25% Off for both parties, that is to the one referring and to the friend he/she is referring to.

UNTUCKit opens to a visually oriented rewards page and their loyalty plan directly points out their one golden strategy. The line about the referral is followed by a CTA for email so the customer can start getting the benefits of the store with their friends. The brand also offers a 15% discount on first purchases, inspiring that very crucial first buy. This is a very effective brand loyalty campaign since your impression of new customers becomes important.

Why This Works:

  • Without other systems usually used by reward programs, it focuses on one strong strategy to attract customers.
  • The visuals are larger and the text pointing at the referral benefits is direct, which catches customer attention quickly.
  • First purchase discount ensures that most of the new store visitors will be motivated into making a purchase. 

6. Port Fashion

Port Fashion is an established apparel and fashion brand that approaches its loyalty program focusing on the point-based reward system. The Loyalty Reward program window pops up when customers click on the Rewards button on the site. It displays all the neatly divided sections. One shows how to earn points by completing activities while the other section on the right shows how to redeem the points. 

The Loyalty reward points can be earned by completing tasks like following their social media pages, creating an account, leaving a review, etc.

These reward points can be redeemed to receive Loyalty Reward discounts based on the amount of the reward points. The brand also doesn’t have a minimum purchase amount limit for availing of these reward discounts.

Why This Works:

  • Offers a simple and hassle-free retail loyalty program based on a reward point system.
  • The tasks are doable and simple, so customers don’t feel pressured.


As of Today is a skincare and cosmetics brand that uses the Ai Trillion’s Integrated Loyalty Program. The very cute “Rewards” button on the website opens to the loyalty rewards window, which displays how to reward points by completing tasks along with the ways the points can be redeemed in the store to get discounts. These tasks include reviewing, referring, and sharing on Facebook.

The login and sign-up buttons are placed ideally down below urging buyers to join and avail the benefits of the program right away.

Why This Works:

  • The reward program is well integrated into the website which makes it one click away and reduces clutter from the webpage which might have put off customers.
  • The point system is easily redeemable.

Customer loyalty programs can change the game for fashion and apparel brands 

Considering the churn rates and wavering brand loyalties in the fashion industry, it is high time that you as an E-Commerce business person turn towards solidifying your brand’s customer base and loyalty. 

To sell better you need more than just your products and occasionally rewarding your customers will help you establish yourself as a trusted brand.

So yes, you definitely need loyalty campaigns to battle against adverse churn rates and rising competition. Brands with loyalty programs see a significantly increased number of retaining existing customers.

So, considering how important loyalty campaigns are, an app like AiTrillion lets you create personalized integrated Loyalty Programs that will increase customer retention, and engagement and help to stimulate revenue from your existing buyers.

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