The past few years have brought unprecedented change to consumer needs as it has rapidly evolved. The virus has suddenly impacted the supply chains, and companies started revamping marketing campaigns to align with the new normal. 

These tough times have served to amplify the need for brands’ agility and innovation. 

Brands that have been successfully connected with their customers’ behavior and expectations, and whirled their business strategies accordingly have survived and even thrived under the most challenging of circumstances. 

During the self-exploring journey, many brands discovered that investing in a loyalty rewards program was key to unlocking the voice of the customer. 

Segment audience with loyalty programs

When it comes to reaching and understanding a target audience, brands are considering segmentation to organize their marketing campaign based on customer behavior. 

Automated Segmentation is a popular form of marketing that is used across industries to better understand customer behavior and their requirements.

Today customers are very particular about their choice and want to influence and drive the conversation. To accommodate this change, Shopify brands are adapting to loyalty rewards programs to find out the customer’s desires and needs — and to offer more personalized customer experiences.

While Segmentation offers qualitative data on customers, the loyalty rewards program is more expansive and versatile. Reaping insights from shoppers interested in interacting with your brand and your products builds an organic relationship that is required to convert customers into loyal customers. 

A loyalty program helps brands to know more about their customers with the help of the behavior pattern. It drives surprising insights that can build on the momentum you’ve already accomplished and maximize your brand growth. 

The most thriving loyalty programs are flexible, offering brands the flexibility to create, manage, and emerge as needed in response to changes in the digital landscape, customer demands, and more.

Like segmentation, loyalty programs are data-driven, but with more distinct and qualitative insights. It is the most powerful way to know which works best to engage, influence, and retain customers. 


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Loyalty programs drive sales growth

“Do you know over 60.5% of shoppers will refer their friends and family to brands they love?”

Integrated loyalty rewards programs just like AiTrillion ultimately drive growth by rendering more engaging customer experiences. By understanding each customer’s unique journey across all channels and creating a made-to-measure, aligned experience. AiTrillion’s loyalty rewards program also helps recognize and interact with a brand’s most loyal users and encourages them to promote the brand.

AiTrillion loyalty programs build emotional connections

Brands love leads, “fruitful leads” that can be converted into customers.  

Hence, more brands are focusing on giving personalized customer experiences that build an emotional connection with shoppers.

Based on a study, to understand brands closely, shoppers love to connect with them via social media. When brands create relevant conversations with consumers online, they feel more connected to them.

By establishing this emotional connection with your shoppers, you can tap into their attitude toward your brand.

Use a tiers system and make them feel like VIPs

Structured into VIP tiers, AiTrillion’s loyalty program offers benefits beyond discounts. The brand’s VIP members are rewarded with experiences, including access to its private sales and Insider group.

Made up of highly engaged customers, the segment allows AiTrillion to gauge instant responses to product drops, brand experiences, audience sentiment, and even the demand and effectiveness of ongoing promotions.

This isn’t a one-way feedback loop, either. Customers are delighted by the chance to interact directly with their favorite brands. They get really moved over the exclusivity and allow shoppers to communicate better with them knowing what they need.

Everyone wins when loyalty programs grow as center groups — the strength to meet customers’ needs at the moment and move swiftly to build on success simply can’t be replicated with a traditional focus panel.

Unlocking the potential of a loyalty reward program

If your loyalty program isn’t helping to drive the considerable outcomes you expected, use an integrated loyalty rewards program. It helps you segment your audience and continuous source of insights for your brand. Interested in launching your own loyalty program to tap into customer emotion? Request a demo.

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