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A Quick Brief

Did You Know- There are currently 2,209,661 active stores on the Shopify platform?

Over the previous years, Shopify’s quarter-over-quarter growth has been pretty outstanding. There is little reason to expect this to alter as the global economy continues to shift online.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the Shopify landscape has transformed, and so has the way we Indians do our business. In this new era, adaptation has been the key to survival.

At AiTrillion, we’ve been passionate about providing Shopify agencies and sellers in India with the right tools and new opportunities they need to not just survive but thrive. We believe in reviving revenue strategies, exploring new streams of income, and fostering growth through collaboration with our marketing automation Platform.

This is why we embarked on a journey that will take us to 7 cities: 7 meetups, to connect with partners and entrepreneurs in person, who have a hunger to transform their business with us.

In this article, we will walk you through our successful webinar, where we dived into techniques and insights regarding everything relating to Shopify, Sales, and Success of E-Commerce in India.

P.S.- Our Co-Founder: Mr Sachin Dhanotiya had a special surprise in the store for the partners. What exactly is it? You’ll find out as you read further.

To say the least, the experience was exhilarating and insightful and we came back with so many actionable insights for our own team! Let’s dive into our Agenda for the Webinar.


1. Exploring AiTrillion Solution for Shopify Agencies-

The webinar started with an exploration of our marketing automation solution for Shopify agencies. With AiTrillion, agencies have access to a comprehensive suite of 11 tools, including Email Automation, Pop ups, Push, SMS, and more, all integrated into a single platform to streamline their operations and enhance their clients’ experiences to drive results.

2. Moving Beyond Apps with AiTrillion-

Stepping ahead, beyond the apps and diversifying the revenue streams is essential in today’s ever-changing business landscape. During the webinar, Sachin discussed opportunities for additional revenue by collaborating with AiTrillion, partners can tap into a network of resources and support to achieve sustainable growth.

3. Simple (Yet Effective) Growth Tips with Sachin-

As an added bonus, our Co-Founder gave some quick and simple yet powerful Shopify store suggestions, outlining how to use the 11 Tools with real life Examples and Case studies according to the use cases.

4. Introduction to Partnership Program-

i) Additional Revenue:

  • Design and manage email campaigns- You can help sellers in designing and sending weekly/monthly email campaigns. Charge sellers to manage this on a monthly recurring plan.
  • Leads from AiTrillion- Once you are listed on AiTrillion partner page, you will start getting leads to manage the above services. Also, you can convert them for redesign, paid campaigns, and other services with the help of your sales team.

ii) Collaboration and Growth Opportunities via Co-marketing Activities:

  • In-App or Store Promotions- Cross-promote our offerings within your platforms or apps, guiding Shopify sellers to discover our valuable tools.
  • Social Media Synergy- Together, leveraging the power of social media to reach wider audiences and drive traffic to the respective apps.


Our webinar was a resounding success. It brought together a community of forward-thinking individuals and businesses with a common goal – to navigate the evolving landscape of e-commerce, explore new revenue avenues, and drive growth through collaboration. We look forward to continuing this journey and empowering agencies, sellers, and partners to thrive in the post-pandemic era.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry, we have got your back. You can connect with us for the recording.

Also, stay tuned for our Series 2 of the meetup session in the City of Delhi, awaiting more avenues to be explored, as discussed. Keep an eye on further updates.