BE Herbal Care is dedicated to creating herbal skincare products. The founder Winter began her zero waste journey 3 years ago. She has made it her aim to remodel Body Essentials into a business that can make a difference for the better.

Winter tried to reduce single-use plastic from as many areas of her life as possible, she saw the number of beauty products that added to the plastic mess. That’s why she wanted her business to help prevent unnecessary plastic. She began to banish plastic from all product ranges to make the world plastic-free.

“It is an ongoing journey, and I am always looking for ways to improve our impact upon Mother Earth. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey”. Winter

Herbal Soap

Winter lives in beautiful Colorado, with her husband and two little kids. She started her studies in herbalism at the age of 15, with Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. In her free time, she loves organic gardening, wildcrafting, and hiking with her family

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Face cream for glowing skin
Bath Bubble bomb

BE Herbal Care always use high-quality, natural ingredients. All their skincare products are gentle to the skin. Winter partnered with One Tree Planted and make a donation equaling one tree to One Tree Planted.

In BE Herbal Care, all products are blended perfectly with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Its handmade vegan soap is formulated with nourishing olive oil, reinvigorating shea butter, and purifying coconut oil is perfect for all skin types.

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