ClaraMae is a sustainable fashion store that offers comfortable, classy, & stylish accessories. Brandala M Day, the founder of the ClaraMae Collection was mainly motivated by a myriad of people and businesses! She was also gifted the talent to draw into an undiscovered talent and love for sewing. From both inspiration and discovery, Brandala M Day formed ClaraMae.

The ClaraMae Collection

The ClaraMae Collection was created to acknowledge a woman. It embraces the ability to design elegant fashion accessories from sustainable and vegan materials. All of their watch bands are made from the bark of the cork oak tree resulting in Cork leather!

My mission is to provide you with a beautiful yet durable and financially friendly accessory! #Brandala

Apple watch belt
key chain

Brandala M Day is very inspired by her Grandma. Her sewing cushioning and slipcovers were sought after by many. She was a second-generation expert seamstress, following my Great Grandma Lillian, and her mother is the third generation. Brandala is newly the fourth.

She is very fond of jewelry that when she decided to design Apple Watch Bands in cork leather and Ultra-suede charm in the simplest form.

hand accessories
Handicraft item

Cork watch bands are a new thought that is taking the noble fashion world by storm! Durable, water-resistant, & naturally light, cork is the best for a comfortable and long-lasting watch band.

ClaraMae Collection has introduced an amazing referral program named Bring Your Bestie! If you refer ClaraMae to you friend and family member then you will get $15 off and will get 10%  off.

While the great commission is our focus and taking the gospel to all nations is our aim.#Blissful Faith

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