HER’S is a modern handcrafted jewelry brand. The designs are runway-inspired and architecturally inspired. The HER’S, jewelry is more than an accessory – it signifies something much bigger.

HER’S sell the best jewelry at an affordable price not only personalize a look but also evoke emotion and create memories.

All the HER’s jewelry is designed in NYC and fabricated in Hong Kong to give high-quality finishing. The company is entirely owned by women and inspired other women to live with confidence and on their terms.

Luxury ring
diamond bracelet

Because of its outstanding approach, each jewelry design is personalized to elicit an emotional bond while simultaneously ensuring it’s a true reflection of whoever is wearing it. From timeless and traditional to strong and modern, it offers countless jewelry options at an attainable price point to meet the requirements and tastes of everyone.

Her style use of environment-friendly materials is just as significant as the final product. Whether it’s an engagement ring or cocktail ring, each HER’S piece is thoughtfully designed from start to finish so you can feel self-confident in your purchase.

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Hersstyle talented team of artists and professionals works in tandem to bring each piece to life. Their team is focused to continue creating jewelry collections that transform every day to the special event that challenges other brands on the market.

diamond ring

The founder of Hersstyle has personally handpicked and visited all its suppliers and only work with partners who offer complete transparency and reach high standards of quality.

“With HER’S, jewelry is more than an accessory – it’s the embodiment of our passion, our love, and ultimately, our gift to you”. #hersstyle