Honey babies strive to bring you the finest products in Canada with honey being extracted right from hive’s or locally sourced raw unfiltered honey.


Honey Infusions

  • Cinnamon Infused Honey
  • Vanilla Bean Infused Honey
  • Lemon & Ginger Infused Honey

If you’re craving the bold sweet taste of a warm cinnamon roll but you would rather do without those extra calories, try our Cinnamon infused honey. It makes a wonderful spread on toast and bagels that will surely satisfy your whole family.

Sweetest infusion has such a sweet taste that will brighten anyones mood. Imported right from Cancun Mexico, this infusion will keep you craving more, like a Mexico vacation! Its great for spreads, topping, baking or in teas, and coffee for an instant french vanilla.

Honey Babies combine fresh ginger and lemon to our natural honey to create this wonderful and familiar flavour. When added to tea it creates a satisfying citric taste and helps to calm upset stomachs, can also be used to detoxify and boost your immune system as well.

AiTrillion + Honey Babies
AiTrillion + Honey babies
AiTrillion + Honey babies
  • Mint-Infused Honey
  • Blueberry Sage Infused Honey

Fresh mint leaves are ground into honey and infused to create an aromatic cooling honey that will leave your breathe minty and your stomach healthy. Great addition to mojito’s, teas, coffees and baking.

Organic blueberries are selected locally and only the richest and juiciest blueberries are chosen to create an intense honey/ berry sweetness. Paired with our garden grown sage, this subtle addition not only compliments the taste but provides anti-inflammatory health benefits. Blueberries are also an antioxidant.

Honey Babies + AiTrillion

BBQ Glazes

  • Honey Hot BBQ Glaze
  • Honey Hot BBQ Glaze

Sweet, spicy and deliciously mouthwatering. This perfect blended sweet chili BBQ glaze makes wing night one everyone will want to attend. Great for uses on stir-fries, rice, meat products and anything else you want sweet and spicy!

Honey babies fan favorite product, a mouthwatering taste that’s worthy of dipping your finger in just to eat it plain. Goes great on wings, stir-fries, rice, any meat products or whatever your heart desires!
AiTrillion + Honey Babies
AiTrillion + Honey Babies

Raw Unfiltered Plain Honey

  • Raw Alberta Honey

Raw unpasteurized honey comes from either our honey farm or local beekeepers to bring you the finest honey Alberta has to offer. Honey Babies only use a macro filter to get rid of the debris leaving all the good nutrients, propolis, beeswax, and bee pollen.

AiTrillion + Honey Babies