Summary: ishopunique- The Shopify brand is using AiTrillion’s loyalty program to reward its customers. It has received amazing responses from customers and has successfully retained and engaged its customers.

Uniquely VIP Rewards Program

ishopunique is a brand that’s seriously committed to skin health. Their vast range of skincare products is all free of common irritants ingredients. All the products of ishopunique are designed with natural ingredients that soften the skin and give instant results. The product formulae of ishopunique’s skincare focus on achieving results without compromising your skin in the process.

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”- Renee Rouleau.

Bitter Sweet Bath Salt
Smell the Roses Handmade Soap

Uniquely has introduced a loyalty rewards program for its valuable customers. This loyalty program is designed to engage customers with the brand and gain perks for activities. It’s very easy to create a loyalty program on your Shopify store. AiTrillion’s loyalty program can help you create a robust reward program with multiple reward options. 

With a Uniquely loyalty program, customers have the opportunity to take part in all of the exciting ways to earn points! They can earn points by performing actions or completing a task such as making a purchase, visiting the store, or sharing social media posts. 

It’s easy to redeem earned points for discounts, free shipping, and free products! Customers can also exchange their points for great rewards. 

bath salt
Handmade soap

All the products of Uniquely are handmade that’s why the color may vary. Uniquely’s premium bath products are amazingly scented and moisturize the body in a single use. It contains natural oils and butter and is scented with fragrance oils suitable for all skin types.

Wakame soap
Red Sky Scrub handmade soap

Uniquely has an amazing range of Body butter, rich with moisture and infused with nutrients that help relieve and repair dry skin, leaving the body smooth and soft.

Their body butters contain natural oils that help increase skin elasticity and provide anti-aging benefits. Although body butter is more viscous in consistency than most lotions, their body butters quickly penetrate the skin for instant hydration. Uniquely’s products dramatically help control and reduce stretch marks and rejuvenate elasticity to the skin.

wax melts

Ishopunique’s best seller sandalwood rose is created with sweet-smelling sandalwood and the bright scent of rose fragrance oil. It helps in exfoliating all of the dead dry skin without leaving any harsh marks.

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