Lucy & Yak, two travel partner quit their job to travel the world. They spent hours sewing on the beach, making tobacco pouches from old clothes which they sold to travelers. Lucy & Yak received the love from the travelers and still get messages from people them saying they met someone with one of the pouches.

Lucy & Yak
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After traveling some part of the world, Lucy & Yak went back to the UK and bought a van and named it ‘Yak’. They lived in the Yak and sold vintage clothing from it to get by, which is when they recognized their fashion sense and created the designs they had in their heads…dungarees!

The duo visited China, Thailand, and India in search of a small business to work with. They wanted to do design soothing unique and help a family that really needed it.

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After searching and working with a lot of people, they met Ismail. He helped them to design what exactly they wanted. Lucy & Yak designed the website in Rishikesh and flew back to the UK to fully establish the company.

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“We have 13 employees in the UK now and we have pledged to always pay the ‘Living wage’. It’s so important that all of our staff are treated with respect, no matter how big or small their role is”.

Lucy & Yak clothing store

Image Sources: uses the product recommendation app to showcase the recently bought products. It encourages customers to buy more from the store. The website also featured customer reviews to gain the trust of store visitors. Shopify store owners can easily show their customer reviews on the product page with the help of a product review app. practices a sustainable approach as they installed solar panels on the roof that power the factory 100% of the time. Also, a large percentage of their products are manufactured using renewable energy!