Malibu is an online clothing and accessories shop for women, men, and children in Pisa and Viareggio. For 3 generations the Malibu has been a reference location for the city of Pisa for trendy clothing and accessories. 

The very first Malibu store was opened in the 1960s in Corso Italia, in front of the historic local “la Borsa”, with the purpose of selling and marketing the “Malibu” production knitwear. In fact, the family in those years designed clothing which it shipped to Austria, France, Germany.

Online store for sling bag
women clothing

Lida, the founder together with her 2 daughters Daniela and Tiziana, opens the shop every morning and tends to make sure that every detail is in line with the criteria that have always been examined.

women clothing
footwear store

The new Braccialini bags for the Malibù spring-summer collection is available in many colors, patterns, and sizes but the same iconic style as always with all the made-in Italy quality of the bags made to supremacy.

“Malibupisa offers coordinated looks in every detail, from shoes to accessories, always taking into account the fashions of the moment and the tastes of customers”.

Bikini Set
Bikini Store

Over time, the stores have grown and emerged trying to respond to customer requirements and fashion trends. Malibu experienced team 

What has never been replaced is the attention paid to the assortment of the products that are offered. The hunt for quality in fabrics and finishes, the taste in choosing items that can together create outfits for every type of occasion: casual – office – evening and that dress the fashionable and confident woman.  

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