MaryTodd, is an online store of trendy begs and books. Here you will find a trendy collection of fashionable begs that will heighten your overall look. MaryTodd is dedicated to providing the very best, with a focus on quality design, and artistry, and durability.

Gate Frame Small Black Bag
Gate Frame Small Black Bag

In 2015, the founder of MaryTodd founded the online store to offer quality inexpensively. From its beginning, it has come a long way in Sydney design markets. When MaryTodd team first started out, their passion for producing durable and sustainable bags drove them to source local materials and manufacturing so that MaryTodd can design designer bags that don’t cost the earth.

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Puzzle Bag
Puzzle Bag

Gate Frame Small Red Bag is very popular among customers. The timeless functionality of this beg is reimagined in a modern style due to its elegant and sleek structure. Gate’s chic silhouette is ennobled with its iconic metallic pin extended and framing the bag’s base for a more well-bred look.

Online Book Store
Online book store

The Puzzle Embroided bag, designed by Jonathan Anderson has become a LOEWE icon. Its unique cuboid shape, intense tactility, and best utility are created through well-defined cutting. A puzzle bag can be used in five different ways from shoulder bag to clutch, plus it folds completely flat.