RAINS is a Danish rainwear company founded in 2012. It has transformed the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way. Since its foundation, RAINS grew into a renowned international rainwear brand. Along with the reinvented classics, RAINS also extends its product line i.e waterproof outerwear, bags, and accessories to the fashion-conscious consumer. Inspired by both Scandinavian weather and design heritage, RAINS blend traditional methods with innovative techniques to create understated and considered rainwear made to last beyond the season.

The Rains Bucket Hat is a waterproof take on the classic silhouette designed for fisherman in the early 1900s. Constructed from our waterproof PU, the hat features a slightly angled brim, a Rains flag label and is lined for comfort.

Rains Essential outerwear
designer rain coat
Dropping with the AW20 collection, eight new silhouettes make their debut to Rains’ wet-weather lineup. Ranging from the 10L Rolltop Mini to the 143L Duffel Bag Large, the collection satisfies trips both big and small.
Classic silhouettes are met with the AW20 color palette for a seasonal reboot, including Shiny Blue, Shiny Black, Khaki, Off White, and more.
Bag Pack

Get dressed for gloomy weather with modern and functional women’s waterproof jackets. Inspired by the Scandinavian design heritage, Rains offers an extensive selection of functional rainwear. RAINS deep dive into outlines that can endure passing tendencies with courage, designs that will be just as relevant in the future as they are today.

Designer rain coat by RAINS

This season, RAINS slow down. In contrast to an ever-increasing speed, they forgo a fast-paced lifestyle and reignite the human sensory system. Colors inspired by nature, silhouettes designed for longevity – the AW20 collection presents functional designs built for hardy trips, ventures outside the door, and a day fully lived hour by hour, minute by minute—second by second. RAINS name this collection, “Chasing Time.”

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