Vision Of Rosie Secret And Scent

To provide to you not only the latest fashion and accessories from the Good Old USA, but to also provide the best and highest quality from around the global. To provide you fashion that you will not find in your local stores. Add a bit of fashion into your life, without breaking the bank, your own self-esteem does increase, and you are ready to take on anything. That is all we need, men or women a bit of self-esteem. So, add fashion to your life and start showing everyone who you really are.

– Rosie Iodice


Beauty is in the eye of the behold, but over the years Hollywood and Super Models had made us forget that. There is a set beauty type that many think they need to achieve to be found attractive. But, that is not true. Beauty is found within. When we start to love ourselves, see our unique beauty, and start to do things to be proud of our own beauty, that is when we achieve attraction. Men and women we need to start loving our self. From 42 scent candles made from 100% soy wax which every candle have a hidden jewelry inside To pure essential oils and natural tea leaves. Every product will help to do that. From pieces of jewelry and many more; always expanding to make you go out there and feel beautiful.

Start looking at your own beauty and flaunt it, because true beauty is within.

Fine Jewellery Most Popular In Collection

Let this 18K yellow gold ring be a symbol of your eternal love and a keepsake to hold forever. The beautiful crisscross diamond is so unique and perfect of those who may not want a large stone but can still have the luxury of having a diamond ring.


Get her the ring that will last as your love for her with this 14K Solid Yellow Gold.  It is a beautiful classic ring to give to any classic woman. So give the love of your life, the ring that tells of your eternal love.

Always good to have a set of jewelry that is not fashion jewelry, but valuable fine jewelry that can be passed on to generation to come. A memory of your life and lesson for them to continue. Also, a set that is used for that very special occasion. And this beautiful Flower stud earrings is the one.

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Jewelry For Mom!

A mom’s love, it starts from the day we are born, and it never fades. It can be always counted one. But unlike card, that can be lost, or flowers that just die, we want to give mom something that she can hold for a lifetime. Just like her love that never changes, even if our life has.,this Mother’s day, give her this beautiful customize pendant. Let her know her love is like a ray of sunshine, that gives us light. And you have a choice of silver, to Silver plated, to sterling silver or Oxidized sterling silver, this saying will never be forgotten or lost like a card or flowers. So show mom this mother day your unconditional love that she had for us. Get this beautiful pendant today, and let her know for a lifetime, that even if our lives change, that love for her has never will.

The Beauty Of Cosmetics.



For as long as I live, you will always be in my heart. A beautiful pendant that will expression so much better then any diamond will do. The symbol of the tree is a symbol of your eternal love, and how over the years it has grown, and each year a new branch has grown developing to the beautiful love you feel for that special one, and forever in my heart, a simple expression that has the power to capture their feels and hold close to them.


Image to have something by your side that help you keep calm, fight fatigue and climb mountains. Ok, maybe not a real mountain, but that what natural lave and tiger eye stones and also Lava stones are known to do. These are a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and unclouded your emotions. Helping to fight anxiety, stress and even fatigue. And they very trendy too.


To complete any formal wear you must-have jewelry that will complete it. You must have jewelry that adds to the glamor, that completes your stunning look. So in this collection, you will find jewelry that makes you look gorgeous for your special event.