Tothecitylashes is a Shopify store for luxury false lashes, liner adhesives, and more. It offers so many categories of lashes for everyone for every occasion without a dilemma. For those lash lovers, Tothecitylashes has a lash book that combines 16 pairs of top-quality lashes and can be reused up to 15 times.

eye shadows
Eye Lashes

It’s revolutionizing and game-changing 2 in 1 liner and lash adhesive – natural, thick, and can be sued up to 200 times. Jane is the founder of To The City Lashes, she started her business when she was a 2nd-year chemistry student at university during a lockdown.

She had graduated but always had the passion to start a business. Jane’s love for makeup pushed her to think of something that belongs to the makeup industry. She created To The City Lashes as lashes are the last thing you put on and are a finishing touch of that makeup routine.

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“Our goal is to change the game and change your lash game with the revolutionizing liner adhesive”.


In 2021, Jane extended her cosmetic store by adding more products to meet the customer’s look changing requirements. They have many best quality lashes and products to offer. Most of their products are budget-friendly and won’t break your bank account.

online cosmetic store
online cosmetic store

You don’t need to buy any specific glue to wear To The City Lashes. You can use any glue of choice, whether that is To The City Lashes’ liner glue pen or a normal lash glue that you’ve bought from somewhere else. City lashes are designed to work best with a liner lash glue pen and a normal liquid glue.

To The City Lashes Affiliate Program

Earn up to 30% commission for every successful referral with the To The City Lashes Affiliate Program. It’s very easy to join. Choose from their products to advertise to your customers.

Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer, or blogger, To The City Lashes has simple linking tools to match your advertisement needs and help you monetize. With this eyelashes brand, you get the chance to earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, their competitive conversion rates help you maximize your income.

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