Today, most eCommerce businesses employ loyalty campaigns and reward programs in order to create a favorable and stable customer base for themselves. But very few of them achieve this goal and succeed in their approach. A mere loyalty program for the sake of it won’t do you much good. And most growing companies fail to recognize this.

If you are a marketer with beginner level expertise around loyalty programs, looking for inspiration, or someone who is completely new to it and is just starting out, then we have what you need.

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Best customer loyalty program examples in eCommerce 

Here are some of the best customer loyalty program examples from various eCommerce industries. 

We hope you find one that inspires you! 

1. GEM

Gem is a nutritional food and essentials brand that provides healthier and smarter, nutritiously rich diets for vegans. They sell plant-based essentials that are equivalent to multivitamins, and their products are made free of synthetic processes.

Their rewards program is clever, with even the button on the pop-up rewards page reading “Give $20, Get $20”. Referrals are a strong loyalty campaign tool and GEM uses it to its best effect by showing it as the primary highlight of their loyalty program.

Gem loyalty program

They also employ a few VIP benefits, where customers earn points for orders, following on social media, writing reviews etc. These redeemable points can be exchanged for free products. Customers who earned 100 points will be titled as GEM powered, which comes with more offers, early access to products and other benefits.

2. GAP

Gap Inc. is one of the leading American clothing and accessories companies, with international popularity. They provide customers with clean comfortable clothing choices with timeless designs.

Now the way they play their loyalty card with GAP Good Reward programs is interesting in that it brings in a few automated features. The membership is split into two; GAP credit card members and Gap Good reward members, with credit card members getting a 5% cash back instead of the 2% the other members receive.

Gap loyalty program

Also, the membership is common for four of the brands under Gap’s portfolio, so you only need to sign up for one. Points are automatically converted into $5 coupons when customers accumulate the necessary number of points. Your points won’t expire unless you don’t make a purchase in two years so that’s nice right?

3. Sephora’s Beauty Insider

Sephora is a French international beauty and cosmetic brand. Featuring around 340 brands and its own Sephora Collections, it’s one of the biggest players in the skin-care and cosmetic market.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider is a very good example of a cleverly crafted tier-based loyalty rewards program. Members can earn points for every dollar spent and the tiers are based on the minimum spending amount. Even members that have not spent anything can also enjoy benefits just by joining the Insider program, with regular alerts on “Member exclusive deals”.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider

Customers can redeem points in the “Rewards Bazaar” section, and if that’s not what you want then you can collect points and try your luck in the brands’ Giveaway events that offer rewards of up to $50,000. Sephora’s loyalty program gives customers plenty of ways to earn, redeem and benefit from the whole set-up.

4. The North Face

North Face is a leading American brand that sells premium outdoor technical clothing targeted toward adventurers and hikers. Over 50 years, it has established itself as a dependable choice for activewear and outdoor sports gear for those that battle the elements.

North Face has been voted as America’s best Loyalty program and that too for a good reason. The amount of flexibility they offer in terms of redeemable points and rewards is quite impressive.

North Face

Customers win points in the VIPeak program, by traditional means. A few more unique ways to win points include downloading The North Face App on mobile, attending their events, and checking in at particular locations. Rewards by redeeming even include unique travel experiences like a sponsored mountain trek in Nepal! 

The takeaway here is that you as a retailer should always keep in mind your target audience when crafting your loyalty program.

5. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a clothing retailer company that is spread across the U.S and Canada, providing a vast collection of clothing, jewelry, home décor products and beauty products. AnthroPerks, their loyalty program, opens with a CTA that emphasizes “free”.

Their loyalty program is easy to join and the perks include “inclusive” access to the brand’s latest products and promotions, annual free shipping, birthday rewards, invites to exclusive AnthroPerk events, and much more. They list down the easiness to join as a perk and most online customers would agree that it is. 

Anthropologie loyalty program

Without long forms to be filled out, the program becomes more accessible to the members. The brand even has a handy FAQ related to their program that will be very much appreciated by most customers.

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch’s collection provides authentic All-American casual clothing. Their use of superior material and the pricing altogether makes it a near-luxury premium brand.

Their reward program titled myAbercrombie is a very fine example of how good wording can add to the sense of inclusion and exclusive nature of all loyalty programs. They highlight this exclusivity which will have a psychological appeal to the customers.

Abercrombie & Fitch’s collection

Buyer’s get rewarded just by being a member, but they raise this exclusivity game by creating an even more exclusive gold themed VIP membership scheme, with the requirement of a minimum 600 Euro spending every year, in exchange for special prices, annual gifts, birthday treats and more. So, there are only two tiers in their loyalty program that is; member and VIP, the difference being that VIP members will receive better benefits.

7. Caraa

Caraa is an American brand that sells premium bags and accessories that are designed for fashion, with premium craftsmanship. They have created a more gamified experience in their loyalty program with inclusion of progressive tiers.

Progressive leveling up through tiers plays to the customer psychology where people find themselves engaged and motivated in achieving the set of goals the loyalty program offers. Caraa’s each color themed tiers offer great perks that are crafted with an understanding of what the buyers will find intriguing. They also have a referral reward system that has been proven effective for most loyalty campaigns.

Caraa loyalty program

The points earned vary based on the products you buy and the best thing is, you win 100 points just by joining in. And as you accumulate points the perks you receive will get better and better, which include exclusive products and early access to releases. Tarte also sends recap emails related to your status in the loyalty program. Pretty neat, right?

Bonus points are awarded for not just completing tasks and moving up the tiers but also for birthdays, for the end of the year, and much more. Their VIP program also offers exclusive events and early access to new releases. Engaging buyers cleverly is certainly the right way one can go when shaping loyalty programs, the case here proving that it works.

8. Tarte

Tarte, the American cosmetic brand, sells natural high-performance makeup and skincare products. Their products are claimed to be natural, cruelty-free and free of any harsh ingredients. Meets quite some criteria for goodness! 

Another area where they meet the criteria for goodness is their loyalty program. TeamTarte, their reward program, uses a point-based system with a simplified three step process offering a very streamlined user experience. Join, earn, redeem. As simple as that.

Tarte, the American cosmetic brand

The points earned vary based on the products you buy and the best thing is, you win 100 points just by joining in. And as you accumulate points the perks you receive will get better and better, which include exclusive products and early access to releases. Tarte also sends recap emails related to your status in the loyalty program. Pretty neat, right?

9. Designer Shoe Warehouse

The American company Designer Brands Inc. sells designer brand shoes and accessories with over 500 stores and a popular eCommerce website. DSW or Designer Shoe Warehouse has been running their loyalty programs with all the traditional features to receive maximum effect.

Their rewards page DSW VIP, opens with a striking CTA claiming to be a “free ticket” to offers, perks and exclusive events. They include a tier system and rewards customers with points for each completed purchase. Each tier unlocks further goodness as one moves up over the spending requirements. 

rewards page DSW VIP

The success of DSW’s reward program lies in how personalized it is. They use customer data to automate personal and relevant emails. And this works seamlessly well, in creating a very engaging loyalty rewards experience.

10. Sukoshi

Sukoshi is an Asian themed lifestyle product brand that provides K-beauty skincare products, makeup, stationary and much more from Korea, Japan and all over Asia.

Sukoshi’s loyalty program is fun and quirky in a good way. Even casual surfers will find the whole set up engaging. They have a very aesthetic and thematically fun design to the rewards page. And the best thing is how they have moved away from the traditional reward point system towards a more wholesome engaging experience. 

Sukoshi’s loyalty program

They don’t have a discount-based loyalty program system but instead have a program that offers exceptional value with new products available for customers each month. And the more points every customer earns, will result in bigger and better rewards. This strategy is effective in creating and sustaining a loyal customer community in the long term.

11.  Blume

Blume is a popular self-care and hygiene product brand that’s redefining the self care product market with natural products that are made with customer wellness in mind. They have an incredible line of products and on top of that an even incredible loyalty rewards program.

Blumetopia, their customer community is a great example of how to engage customers the right way. Blume sends out SMS codes for free Starbucks drinks, invites customers to share their most recent Blume purchase experience with photos of their pets, and many other warm wonderful things. Their approach to customer engagement becomes more heartfelt and personal, and most importantly, rewarding.

loyalty rewards program

Their tier system, VIP, point system, everything has a smooth interface and to sum up it is a delightful way to build a brand community.

12. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the largest department store retail chains in America. Their brand’s renamed loyalty program; Kohl’s Rewards is one of the most rewarding reward programs that there is out there. With cashbacks up to 5% they offer great value for their loyal customers.

The points are automatically redeemed and automatically expire. Rewards are handed out as $5 coupons and they are valid for 30 days, and the earned Kohl’s Cash can be redeemed on any product in their store irrespective of brands. Each purchase will further gift customers with $5 rewards and the cycle continues with every purchase. 

Kohl’s Rewards

The cyclical reward system can end up as a very addictive purchase mania for customers, which is always a welcome event for a brand. 

13. Healthy Roots Dolls

Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy brand aimed at diversity, that has dolls that teach natural hair care for young girls of color. This company is trying to subvert stereotypical misconceptions about beauty and is attempting to teach about diversity in crucial stages of childhood. View them as a competitor to Barbie that promotes natural hair against popular standards.

Healthy Roots Dolls Rewards program also employs a gamified approach so they can keep attracting customers. They offer fun and engaging ways to earn points like social shares, purchases and birthdays, and these points can be used to win rewards like doll outfits. The community that the brand builds here is very engaging and hence tends to succeed in its purpose. 

Healthy Roots Dolls Rewards program

14. REI Co-Op

REI, or Recreational Equipment, Inc., is an American outdoor recreation corporation that sells sports equipment, camping gear and clothing. They provide top quality products as well as chances at outdoor adventure events and even professional advice.

REI, instead of urging buyers to buy more, focuses on creating value for customers that will eventually bring in more sales. Being a co-op company that’s owned by customers, with a $30 membership purchase, one can become a lifelong co-op member in the brand. 

Recreational Equipment

Members get access to sweet deals like 10% cashback on any purchases, garage sales, free standard shipping etc. With the right approach retailers like RIE provides value that speaks for itself and attracts buyers the right way. 

15. The Sill

The Sill is a popular eCommerce brand that sells curated house plants with budget friendly prices. They have a very clean and attractive loyalty program- Green Rewards, with beautiful imagery and descriptive info accompanying their CTA.

They incentivize new members with 15% discounts and further rewards are allocated based on the tier the customers unlock. In the Green Rewards program, tiers are unlocked by the customer’s annual spending, the top most tier being VIP, who will have access to priority customer support.

The Sill loyalty program

The Sill has plenty of opportunities to up-sell and upsell, because in order to get free products, buyers have to purchase something along with it. This is how clever marketing works!

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