Ever heard of Squanto “The World’s Real Superhero”? Not yet? He is the reason why people celebrate Thanksgiving.

Despite his heroic stock character and supernatural powers, why the anticipation for Squanto as a superhero? What made him different from its multiple forerunners?

Well, Squanto did not belong to the fancy world, nor did he wear a glittery dress with a half-covered mask. He was a simple man who wore a half-naked dress and feathers on his head. He was born in circa 1580 near Plymouth and was kidnapped by an English explorer, Thomas Hunt, who then sold him into slavery.

In 1620, he returned to the Patuxet, where he became a chieftain and guide for the Pilgrim settlers at Plymouth.

In November 1621, only because of his guidance and support, Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful and to celebrate that moment, Governor William Bradford organized a victorious feast and invited a group of the Native Americans. Now remembered as America’s “first Thanksgiving”.

Pilgrim! What Pilgrim?

Nearly four hundred years ago, people of England left their country because of their dominating king. In Holland, the Pilgrims didn’t gel very well with the native people and nor were they treated with equality. Squanto came into the Pilgrims’ life as a Maseeha and become an interpreter between Pilgrim representatives and Wampanoag Chief Massasoit during that phase. He taught them basic skills of farming and fishing to help them earn their daily bread.

400 years later, just like Squanto did back then, AiTrillion: the automated eCommerce platform helps eCommerce sellers to effectively engage with their online buyers. These days the role of a dominant king is played by daunting automated tools.

Yes, not kidding. These intimidating automated tools sometimes force buyers to abandon their carts without any purchase. Vicious right? However, be assured, your Squanto is here.

No doubt customers are more demanding than ever and have more power than they used to. However, to fulfill the customer’s demands, they fall prey to adopting multiple disintegrated marketing platforms aggressively. Anything in excess comes with its own drawbacks. So, don’t rush into multiple apps or platforms, just use an all-in-one solution like AiTrillion and stop your customers in real-time when they about to leave your website or shopping cart with smart popups.

Scheduled customized smart popups help you hold the attention of your visitors and increase customer retention rates politely.

AiTrillion simplifies everything for sellers to boost sales with email marketing, loyalty reward programs, web push notifications, workflow automation, smart popups, and actionable analytics.

Its engaging features are aligned with one another and respond automatically at the scheduled timings simultaneously by bracing online sellers on the Shopify store.

With AiTrillion, you can bolster the strength to build strong digital experiences for customers. This one-stop solution will help you to cultivate e-commerce marketing at every stage same as Squanto did for Pilgrims.

Summing Up

Previously there were no cobbled paths for pilgrims to re-shape their lives however, Squanto deepened the Pilgrims’ trust by helping them and assisted them with planting and fishing.

Similarly, AiTrillion has paved routes with brighter possibilities for online sellers than ever before. With patience and persistence, eCommerce sellers can easily move up the market mountain.

Are you using the right metrics to scale your business? It’s always about what your customer desires and not what your business provides. Ai creates an opportunity to bridge this gap. AiTrillion makes it simple for you to be data-driven from automated analytics to reporting. It gathers all your data in a single bucket and provides a 360° solutions for your online store. Let’s celebrate this thanksgiving with a much more robust Ai-Powered strategy and add value to your customer’s lifecycle.