Isn’t it easy for every other eCommerce marketing platform to claim itself as a “Jack of all Trades”? Let’s get a reality check, shall we?

You may have heard these words like email marketing, push notification, chatbot and so many new techniques to capture your lost audience.

Nothing new!! Right??

Actually, there is. AiTrillion’s deep data-driven segmentation helps you to find the reasons which are churning your sales. Highly relevant personal filters such as Last seen, First seen, Last contact, Shopify id, Total spent, etc will automatically segment your customers.

Our Ai-powered tools assist with capturing your lost sales and help to generate new traffic to your store by analyzing the real-time behavior of your visitors. In-built Artificial Intelligence configuring solutions help sellers in generating accurate data of customers within a significantly short span. It automatically assigns attributes to products which in turn boosts your product discovery.

Using an Ai-powered vision, AiTrillion helps you, as a store owner, to minimize your cart’s abandonment rate. Sellers can easily learn about the combinations of products each buyer chooses to pick and provide an automated tailor-made recommendation through a sales assistant widget on your store.

According to Statista, the average cart abandonment rate across all categories stands at 77%. A Business Insider study equated this 77% to around $4.6 trillion globally. You’ll be amazed to know that $2.75 trillion is potentially recoverable as per the same study.

Cart abandonment is known to be a serious issue among eCommerce sellers. Sellers have been trying to put their best efforts to minimize their cart abandonment rate. Shoppers have a tendency to add items to a shopping cart however, leave it without completing the transaction process. Hold-back reasons for shoppers to abandon their carts may include additional shipping charges, high taxes, hidden costs, long checkout process, and many more.

Have you started focusing on how you can recover those lost sales yet?

To hold the attention of your potential buyers, we have some tricks through which you can go a long way to ensure your shoppers complete their transactions.

With AiTrillion, e-tailers can find out exactly where their buyers are dropping off and can craft a strategy to reach them directly. Here are some techniques through which you can implement to hype your conversion rates.

1. Stay on top of the buyer’s mind with our email automation series.

Email automation series is the most effective way for abandoned-cart recovery. Despite all the new digital marketing strategies, this old way is still going strong. When it’s time to regain and retain your buyers, email marketing may prove to be an amazing source of extra revenue for your e-commerce store.

Our email automation tools include automated emails for abandoned carts. Once you’ve integrated and installed our platform in your store, you will be able to send personalized emails to customers who have abandoned the checkout process under an entire automation system. This tactic can assist with generating up to 22% of your total revenues.

Email automation series lets you create a series of personalized, automated follow-up emails are sent to potential buyers after they are added to your list. You can choose the order, frequency, and targeted content of the message. Once the array is set up, the emails are sent automatically.

You can increase store traffic, sales, and engagement by automatically sending exit-intent popup notifications for back in the store, price drop alerts, product promotions, and much more.

2. Send personalized web push notifications along with the product image.

As Melissa Kandel rightly says, “The immediacy and rarity of the sale will drive your customers to hit BUY.”

It may seem weird, but notifying your customers about your low inventory can sometimes be the reason to push them from their carts to the transaction process. Rarity is the most effective psychological driver during the consumer’s decision-making phase. You could surely utilize this factor to your benefit and send push notifications with their chosen product images and an alert stating “Only two left. Grab yours!

Omnichannel platforms have been continually deriving and modifying all the customer touchpoints of the eCommerce industry to allow buyers to easily purchase products without any break. Automated reminder push notifications within 24 hours can remind the customer what’s in the cart and make it easy to complete their order.

3. Implement Exit-Intent Popups.

Smart popups are yet another way to recapture buyers who have abandoned their carts. You can customize automated personalized smart popup messages as per the requirements of your targeted audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers and try to hit on their emotions with the help of popups, this will allow your visitors to experience all the favorable choices as per their behavioral trends on your store.

AiTrillion allows you to send an exit pop-up right before the customer exits the store, it will help you to retain them by offering attractive offers in real-time. You could also use non-discount promos such as free shipping or loyalty points.

Choose when you’d like it to go out, be connected with your visitors even if they are not on your site.

4. Seal the deal with the sales motivator bar.

When it comes to optimizing conversion rates, it is imperative to know your customer behavior. It helps you to craft your strategies according to the customers and reduce cart abandonment.

AiTrillion’s sales motivator bar is one of the newest techniques that sellers are using to encourage customers to spend more to get special offers. It’s a simple yet powerful tool to push your customers to spend more each time they add products to their shopping cart.

Give personalized recommendations in the cart, it shows that you are giving attention to your shoppers which makes them feel special.

5. Ensure no sale is left behind with our Ai chatbot.

A bot can turn online visitors into buyers. Whenever a customer adds products to the cart, chatbots automatically start tracking them and when they fail to checkout, AI-integrated personalized bots activate cart reminder messages thereby tempting the buyer to complete the check-out process and make the purchase.

Bots encourage your customers with perks for a limited time such as a temporary discount code. These techniques are automated and help to create urgency and also to turn the buyer’s mind.


Fortunately, there are various things you can do to recover the abandoned cart with automation.
Don’t overlook your abandoned cart, it can be a golden goose of potential sales for your store. Integrate AiTrillion’s automated tools powered by AI to draw your shoppers back in, even after they’ve left your site, and level up your sales by incorporating behavioral triggers to build a strong relationship with your potential customers.

Ready to reel in your catch?